Administrator Duties

Duties of the Borough Administrator:

  • Developing, promoting, and implementing administrative and personnel practices and procedures.
  • Attending all public meetings of the Mayor and Borough Council.
  • Responsibility for the operation of all departments and offices within the Borough.
  • Studying, recommending, implementing, and enforcing personnel organization and policies of the Borough and its departments.  Serving as the personnel officer.
  • Recommending discipline, suspension, hiring or termination of Borough employees.
  • Responsibility for processing of Zoning and Planning Board applications and resolutions, and coordinating with the Board Secretaries on the agendas.
  • Responsibility for ensuring that the Borough and each of its departments and all of the employees are in compliance with all applicable State and Federal employment and workplace laws.
  • Studying and making recommendations to the C.F.O. regarding the financial procedures and policy of the Borough and its departments and assisting the C.F.O. with the preparation of the annual capital and operating budgets.
  • Reviewing and supervising the Borough’s insurance program.
  • Serving as liaison to the schools within the Borough.
  • Informing the Mayor and Borough Council of federal aid projects, state aid projects, and any other aid programs for which the Borough may qualify.
  • Preparing and submitting grant applications.
  • Having overall supervision of the Department of Administration.