Notice of Violation

Once a complaint is filed, the Code Enforcement Officer will visit the site and confirm that a violation exists.  If it does, a Notice of Violation is sent to the property owner giving them a certain amount of time to correct the violation.  If the property owner does not comply, the Code Enforcement Officer will issue a summons.

Common code violations include:

  • Broken fences;
  • Contractor signs on residential property;
  • Contractor/landscaper placing brush, tree, or shrubs to the curb;
  • Garbage cans placed out for collection too early;
  • Grass clippings or dirt placed in roadway;
  • Inoperable or unregistered motor vehicles;
  • No house or building number;
  • Overgrown grass;
  • Parking vehicles on the grass or other places not designated for parking;
  • Swimming pools over 24 inches without a fence;
  • Trash and debris.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to call the Code Enforcement Officer to file a complaint.