Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the West Long Branch Police Department is to work in partnership with our fellow citizens to enhance the quality of life in our Borough; to be open and sensitive to the public’s needs regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation; to dedicate ourselves continually to reassess our methods and technology to proactively reduce criminal activity, and to treat all people with the highest degree of respect and dignity.


The responsibilities of this Department are:

  • Conservation of public harmony and order;
  • Deterrence, detection and solving of crimes;
  • Enforcement of state laws and city ordinances;
  • Provide non-law enforcement services to the public;
  • Protection of the Constitutional guarantees of all persons;
  • Facilitate safe movement of people and vehicular traffic;
  • Render other emergency services as needed.


C.A.R.E. is an intelligent partnership among law enforcement, the citizenry, and the business community.

  • "Courtesy":  Courteous interaction with the public and fair, impartial and equitable treatment of all people.
  • "Accountability":  Responsibility at all levels of the organization, starting at the top and transmitting to all aspects of the department.  We are all responsible for our actions.
  • "Respect":  Respect for the law, including Constitutional Laws, State Laws, and Local Laws.  Respect of the public, respect of the organization and respect for one's self.
  • "Excellence":  Enhancing Police service and providing a level of excellence exceeding our customers’ expectations.