Garbage Collection

Curbside Pick-Up Schedule

Garbage collection begins at 6:00 am on your assigned days.

  • North Zone:  Monday & Thursday
  • South Zone:  Tuesday & Friday

Please Note:  There will be no garbage collection on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

North Zone Street Listing

Monday & Thursday Collection


Bampton Place
Chestnut Place
Clay Street
Community Drive
DeForrest Place
Delaware Avenue
Dennis Place
E. Chestnut Place
E. Lakeview Avenue
E. Walnut Place
Eunice Place
Fairway Avenue
Forrest Avenue
Franklin Parkway
Garden Terrace
Golf Street
Halsey Street
Heidl Avenue

Hilltop Road
Homestead Avenue
Judith Place
Lakeview Avenue
Laurel Street
Linden Avenue
Lloyd Avenue
Locust Avenue
Marion Place
Maryland Avenue
Melissa Court
N. Linden Avenue
N. Locust Avenue
Oakwood Avenue
Oceanport Avenue
Orchard Road
Parker Road
Pine Avenue
Poplar Avenue

Primrose Lane
Richard Lane
Rivington Avenue
Sherman Avenue
Slocum Court
Slocum Street
Summers Avenue
Thompson Street
Throckmorton Ave
Upton Avenue
Victor Avenue
Virginia Terrace
Wall Street
Walnut Place
Wentworth Place
West Campbell Avenue
West Street
Windsor Avenue

South Zone Street Listing

Tuesday & Friday Collection


Abis Place
Alba Lane
Arlene Drive
Baker Drive
Barbizon Court
Beacon Court
Beechwood Avenue
Belle Drive
Bridle Drive
Brookwillow Avenue
Cedar Avenue
Century Drive
Cheryl Drive
Coolidge Place
Cooper Avenue
Cubero Court
Danbury Court
Darien Drive
DeCamp Court
Dennis Street
Elmwood Avenue
Friendship Lane

Fulton Avenue
Girard Avenue
Harbor Court
Hendrickson Place
Hollywood Avenue
James Court
Jeffrey Lane
Jonathon Court
Karen Court
Kastor Lane
Larchwood Avenue
Lawley Court
Lawrence Avenue
Locust Ave
Maple Avenue
Marc Road
Meadow Lane
Mitchell Terrace
Monmouth Road
Monroe Street
Mount Drive
Muncy Drive

Nolan Drive
Norwood Avenue
Old Farm Road
Palmer Avenue
Park Meadow Lane
Parker Road
Pinewood Avenue
Pleasant Drive
Ridge Road
Robin Court
S. Arlene Drive
S. Belle Drive
Stevens Avenue
Townsend Place
Wall Street
West Palmer Avenue
Weston Way
Whalepond Road
Windsor Drive
Woodland Drive
Woods Road
Woolley Place