Leaf & Brush Collection

Curbside Pick-Up Schedule

Loose Leaves:  Loose leaves will be collected curbside from March 15th to May 10th and from October 15th to December 10th.

Brush:  Brush will be collected from December 15th to March 10th and May 15th to October 10th.

Collection Guidelines

Do not mix brush in with leaves.  If leaves and brush are placed curbside outside of the scheduled collection dates, they will not be collected and a Notice of Violation will be issued by the Code Enforcement Officer.

The Borough does not pick up grass or thatch clippings.  Do not mix in with garbage or with brush/leaves.

If a private contractor or landscaper performs services on a property, it is their responsibility to remove all debris (leaves/brush).  Landscapers must be registered through the Borough Clerk’s Office.