Animal Licensing

Dog Licenses
The licensing of all dogs over six months in the Township are required by state law and Township ordinance. You must license your animal in the town where you reside.
Licenses must be renewed each year by January 31.
Proof of rabies vaccination and spaying/neutering (if applicable) is required to license your animal.
The Rabies vaccination certificate must be valid through November 1 of the licensing year.
If the certificate is not valid through November 1 of the licensing year, the animal must be vaccinated before issuing a license.
Licenses may be obtained at the Municipal Building 965 Broadway Wet Long Branch, NJ.
Annual Licensing Fees if paid by January 31
Neutered Dog $12.00 per animal
Non-neutered Dog $15.00 per animal
LATE FEE after January 31
$1.00 for February and penalty of one ($1.00) dollar for each month late until May 1 of any year. If the registration and licenses are not issued to a keeper or owner of any dog after May 1, then the penalty provisions of Section 5-6a would provide such.
Licensing Information
If your dog has a current license, you will receive a courtesy reminder card in the mail towards the end of December or the beginning of January. Check local newspapers for free rabies clinics for both dogs and cats.