Code Enforcement

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Our mission is to attain compliance with Township codes regarding land use regulations and the maintenance of structures and premises through education, cooperation, enforcement and abatement to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer town. An investigator usually visits the property within two business days. There is considerable variation in the time it takes before compliance is achieved depending upon the complexity of the case. Although there could be issues or violations, we give every resident a chance to comply without appearing in court. Once a complaint is filed, our investigators visit the site and confirm that a code violation is present. Then investigators may send either a courtesy call explaining the issue or a Notice of Violation to the property owners. The owners have a set amount of time to correct the violation. If property owners do not comply, Code Enforcement may take any of the following actions depending on the situation:

· Hire contractors to clean property, secure dangerous buildings or demolish dangerous buildings. Property owners will be billed for the labor plus an administrative fee.

· Issue a summons to appear in municipal court.

· Place liens on property for unpaid bills.

The Township Code Enforcement Officials investigates complaints of irresponsible or hazardous development that are also violations of zoning, housing, fire and building codes, and either acts on them or notifies the proper authority and follows up with them.

Common code violations include:

· Broken fences;

· Contractor signs on residential property;

· Contractor/landscaper placing brush, tree, or shrubs to the curb;

· Garbage cans placed out for collection too early;

· Grass clippings or dirt placed in roadway;

· Inoperable or unregistered motor vehicles;

· No house or building number;

· Overgrown grass;

· Parking vehicles on the grass or other places not designated for parking;

· Swimming pools over 24 inches without a fence;

· Trash and debris.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to call the Code Enforcement Office to file a complaint or please fill out our report a concern application.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Miller Code Enforcement Officer (732) 229-1756 ext. 115
Amanda Farrell Code Enforcement Officer (732) 229-1756 ext. 119