Fire Prevention Bureau (Commercial Certificate of Occupancy)

What We Do:

The primary goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to prevent fires by assuring that all publicly occupied structures are maintained in accordance with nationally recognized fire safety standards.  The Fire Prevention Bureau has been established to promote fire safety in the Borough of West Long Branch for many years now.  Due to the high increase in loss of life during the 1970’s and 1980’s, the State of New Jersey adopted The Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey.  These codes help business and homeowners create a safer working and living condition.

Currently, the Fire Prevention Bureau consists of a part-time Fire Official and a part-time Fire Inspector.  The Fire Official or Fire Marshal is James Miller.  He oversees all inspections of commercial buildings and businesses which are designated as Life Hazard Uses and/or Non-Life Hazard Uses.  The Fire Official’s office also helps businesses in the town to set up and operate within the guidelines of The New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code.  The Fire Official’s office also responds throughout the Borough to complaints that are reported.  Some complaints may consist of open burning, fire alarm activations, structural fires, commercial fires, illegal fireworks, and fire lane blockages.  The Fire Official’s office is available to provide fire safety training for the businesses and schools in the Borough of West Long Branch.  Lectures on fire extinguisher training and evacuation planning are some topics that are provided.

Another important function of the Fire Official’s office is to respond to and investigate all reported fires or explosions occurring within the Borough.  The Fire Official’s office assists other agencies with the determination of the origin and cause of the fire.  These investigations are performed in conjunction with the West Long Branch Police Department, the Monmouth County Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Miller Fire Marshal 732-571-5957
Laurie Murchison 732-571-5957 X121