Mayor's Message

Mayor Janet W. Tucci
Mayor Janet W. Tucci

Residents of West Long Branch

Thank you all so very much for the continued public trust and support that you have given again by reelecting me as your Mayor this past November.  I respect this position and consider it an honor and privilege to be able to volunteer my service to the residents of West Long Branch.  I reaffirm my promise that I will do my best to uphold your trust and faith in me.

I want to begin the New Year by offering a heartfelt “thank you” to retiring councilwoman Susan Juliano.  She served this Boro with dedication, loyalty and hard work.  During her term of office she chaired the Fire and First Aid committee and worked diligently on their behalf in acquiring the necessary training and equipment needed.  Being a life-long resident, Susan brought her love and dedication for West Long Branch to the council. 

I would now like to welcome back our newly re-elected Councilmen.  John Penta is returning for another 3 year term and heads the Public Works committee.  He is “hands on” in that position.  John’s business acumen continues to be an excellent resource for our Boro in making financial decisions.  Steve Cioffi’s return to council will be an asset as well.  He has a working knowledge of many facets of our Boro’s operation. Additionally Steve volunteers to perform the important task of being our Emergency Management Coordinator.  His background as a former police sergeant is invaluable.  Steve works tirelessly with our Police Department addressing any potential emergency that may face the town and keeps our residents informed when necessary.  It is a testament to John and Steve’s dedication and effectiveness as governing officials that they were reelected to office without opposition. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our other outstanding council members - Council President Chris Neyhart, Councilwoman Marylynn Mango and Councilmen Fred Migliaccio and Steve Bray.  They all devote countless hours and much energy to Boro business - how fortunate we are that they are willing to be public servants always working for you.

Our amazing Recreation Committee continues to WOW our Boro with outstanding events for residents of all ages.  Joe DeLeonardo has provided leadership beyond description for this commission.  In accepting his resignation as Chairman, with deep regret, I can only say that this committee has flourished beyond words under Joe’s leadership and that he will be sorely missed!

Our Environmental Commission has brought honor and recognition the Boro of West Long Branch by achieving a Bronze level of Certification in the Sustainable Jersey Program.  This non-profit organization provides tools, training and financial incentives to support communities to build a better world for future generations. The Environmental Commission initiated this endeavor by first establishing a WLB Green Team and went on to qualify with actions such as citing ordinances, programs, policies and procedures that met the requirements of the program.  “Well done”and thank you all for taking on this difficult project and achieving success in such a short time,

Our Shade Tree Commission continues to beautify our Boro by providing landscaping in many areas of town.  Woolley Park now has new plantings and a beautiful tree was planted at SRHS for Arbor Day. 

Congratulations to St. Jerome School.  It was recently named as a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Secretary of Education - being one of only 49 private/parochial schools in the United States to receive such an honor.  St. Jerome was designated as an exemplary high performance school as measured by nationally normed tests.

Although rising property taxes continue to plague small towns such as ours it must be noted that only a small portion of your tax bill is used for municipal purposes.  Your elected officials continue to seek ways to save money by consolidating  and sharing services.  We presently have inter-local agreements with surrounding towns for a Municipal Finance Officer, a Purchasing Agent, our court system, building department, police dispatch services, IT services, and we remain a part of the Monmouth County Library System as well.

The Boro recently passed an ordinance that forbids the sale and growing of marijuana in our town in anticipation of the Governor’s promise to allow such in the future. Being the home to two nursery schools, a primary school, an intermediate school, a regional high school, a Hebrew girls school, a Catholic K-8 school and a major University - it was decided that it was in the best interests of our community to do so at this time.

I would like to congratulate all of the officials sworn into office today.  I know that you will provide the leadership demands of your position and serve the Boro with dignity and pride.  We sincerely appreciate the commitment that you are readily willing to offer, which requires giving up daily personal and family time.  Many of you put your lives on the line to protect us and our loved ones.  It is because of individuals like yourselves that West Long Branch continues to be an outstanding place to call home.

Lastly and very importantly I would like to wish Public Works  employee Ernest Napoleon much good health and happiness upon his retirement.  Ernie has served our community well for many years as a valued, trusted and hard-working employee - always with a smile - and loved by our residents!  May you enjoy your retirement with your wonderful family for many years to come.  Upon behalf of the governing body - I thank you for your exemplary service!

My personal mission is that West Long Branch continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.  As your Mayor, I promise to abide by the same readily accessible, problem solving, responsive approach.  May each of you have a wonderful New Year full of good health, peace and love.



— Mayor Janet W. Tucci