Housing (Certificate of Occupancy for Residential Properties)


NOTICE:  New Jersey Lead Safe Certification law was effective July 22, 2022. 

New law (S1147) takes aim at lead paint and dust, the most common sources of exposure, by creating a new requirement that any rental property in New Jersey built before 1978 be inspected for lead. Beginning July 22, 2022, all NJ rental properties that are not exempt will be required upon their first turnover or within two years of the effective date to complete their Lead Safe Certification inspection.

Prior to applying for Certificate of Occupancy for Rental or Sale of any properties in West Long Branch, please be sure you download our housing inspection checklist. All Items should be complete and satisfactory before applying for Certificate of Occupancy. 

***Effective January 1, 2019*** The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Certificate fee will be added to your initial application automatically when you complete the application online. These fees are as follows:

Requests received more than 10 business days prior to a change of occupancy--$45.00.

Requests received four to 10 business days prior to a change of occupancy--$90.00.

Requests received fewer than four business days prior to a change of occupancy--$161.00.

Please be sure all building permits are closed out with our building department Phone: 732-571-5690 located:  344 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740 -Email:  Building@longbranch.org
No Inspections will be scheduled until all permits are closed out

West Long branch does not Issue any Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

The sale of a home “as is” does not require a Certificate of Occupancy by the State of NJ for the sale. West Long Branch requires a Certificate of Occupancy upon the resident occupying the home ref: 9-2.5 (a)

*Reminder Fire Extinguishers should be mounted no more than 5 feet above the floor, using the manufacturer’s hanging bracket, on a path of egress within 10 feet of the kitchen. These extinguishers should be the 2-A:10-B: C red or white in color and weigh approx. five (5) pounds.

NFPA CH 10-year sealed Smoke detectors must be in all bedrooms or potential sleeping areas, guest rooms. As of Jan 1, 2022 NFPA, requires all newly installed household smoke alarms to be photoelectric. This distinguishes between smoke generated by routine cooking and smoke generated by potentially more serious source, such as furniture.

Chimney certification sale or rental:

*A fireplace (Level 1) certification must be provided for a rental if the unit has a fireplace upon housing inspection.

*A Sale requires a Level II Certification.

If the Fireplace is going to be sealed off or has been sealed, please provide an invoice from a certified chimney company that it has been properly sealed off from the top and bottom of the fireplace.

Once we receive your application we will reach out to the applicant to schedule an in-home inspection.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Miller Deputy Housing Inspector 732-571-5957
Amanda Farrell Housing Inspector 732-229-1756 Ext 119