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The West Long Branch Office of Emergency Management is committed to serving the residents of West Long Branch and neighboring towns. This page is designed to assist and educate residents with preparing for emergencies that may occur. This site will also provide quick links and resources to keep residents informed and safe in the event of an incident.





Attention Borough residents: Governor Murphy just released information regarding a new date for tax filing:
The New Jersey state tax filing deadline WILL BE EXTENDED from April 15th to July 15th 2020
Additionally, the state fiscal year will be extended to September 30th to allow us to focus on leading our state out of this crisis. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Friendly Reminder to all borough residents. To keep social distancing at it's best. Please fill this out today or within the next few days on line, in hopes to prevent census workers from coming out to your homes later to complete. 
Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management





Coronavirus Update 3/31/2020 9:20 PM

Good evening, this afternoon our Governor reported the following numbers regarding the coronavirus. As of today, we now have added an additional 2,196 cases bringing our State total to 18,696 positives. Sadly, the Governor again reported that in the past 24 hours we had an additional 69 deaths related to this virus bringing our State total this evening to 267 souls lost. As our days continue, our numbers are anticipated to climb and the death rate will unfortunately increase as well.In the Borough we still are holding at 16 positives at this time. Seeing or hearing these numbers today. The Governor advised all residents that Social Distancing is very important and if we even want to begin to lessen the curve, all of us that don’t need to be out are to stay home.

The two Federally and State assisted testing centers, the one in Holmdel at PNC and the other at Bergen County College are testing on opposite days from one another. Residents are reminded that they have to be showing/having symptoms and its strongly suggested that prior to even being tested, those residents who feel the need should conduct or complete the self-assessment test on
www.Covid19 .NJ.Gov

At our Local level, our Borough police and emergency services are taking the needed precautions necessary to continue to provide full service to all residents with little or no disruption. Some modifications have been put in place but overall, service as usual.

People have inquired in regards to walking at Lakes, local trails and on streets. Outside exercise is welcomed. People that are experiencing “Cabin Fever” need to get out and get some relief. However, it’s been noticed that children are being let to go out and in doing so they are in groups with their friends with little or no distancing. Need some help with this “Parents”

Grocery stores are being utilized, however, patrons and degarding their gloves and masks on the ground of the parking area. This method of getting rid of these items must stop.

Our lives have changed in a short period of time and will continue to change even more each day, one thing we should all remember. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it’s learning how to dance in the rain. We will continue to fight the fight together as one, but we all have to be on the same page…..


Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management





Monday 03/31/2020 8:30 AM.  A Special Thanks 

This morning, I am reaching out to all the workers of the Grocery stores in our immediate area. It doesn't matter, Shop Rites, Foodtowns, Stop & Shops or Wegmans. Whether your'e at the loading docks, driving the trucks, stocking the shelves within the stores or dealing directly with the customers by working as cashiers, On line grocery pick ups, courtesy booth or loading the cars for customers, All of you are vital workers and are truly appreciated. Just know that all of you are the true meaning of essential and "We thank you!"

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Updated Procedure & Numbers of residents affected. 3/30/2020   9:00PM

Good evening, In an attempt to keep our residents updated and informed and with the proper information, The following numbers is what we have in our Borough in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I hope this assists residents in understanding this reporting system and how it works

The Monmouth County Regional Health Commission No. 1 (MCRHC) continues to report the number of positive cases of COVID-19. There are 16 (sixteen) reported cases of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, within our Borough. The OEM or Borough has no further information to share due to privacy rights of our Borough residents. Our residents who have been reported to have tested positive are either self-isolated, self-quarantined or if needed hospitalized. The Monmouth County Regional Health Communicable Disease Team and its staff continues to conduct intensive monitoring and ongoing public health investigation of every positive case. 

This investigation procedure includes tracing of actions taken by the infected for days prior to first signs of symptoms. The investigators determine the close contacts and start to interview and inform close contacts of exposure. Residents who wish to learn more are urged to Visit for additional information on COVID-19.


Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management 





Coronavirus Update 3/30/2020 2:30PM.

Good afternoon, the Governor reported today at his 2PM briefing the following numbers for our State in regards to the virus. In the past 24 hours, our total numbers have increased 3,347 making the States total 16,636 Sadly we have lost additional 37 souls, bringing the total related deaths to 198.

Governor then all urged residents that Social Distancing is utmost important right now and in hopes to flatten the curve and take very needed pressure off our Health Care systems, residents are urged to STAY AT HOME! Unless you need to be out.

There is a plea out from the Governor to any retired New Jersey Nurses, Doctors, nursing/medical students, EMTs or Former members of Armed Services Medical Corps. Those interested can go to this web site COVID19.NJ.Gov/Volunteer to sign up or learn further information.

Residents also may anonymously report and instances of unlawful hoarding of medical supplies and also price gouging to (866)720-5721 or web site

CDC travel advisory does NOT impact what NJ already put in place. Governor explained that it is pretty simple: STAY-At-Home order remains in effect

At our local level, most food pick up places are operational but have modified hours. Medical supply/pharmacy’s operational but also modified hours Grocery stores open, modified hours and limit restrictions may be in place. Please, if you don’t have to go out, please do not. Sending your children out to play, which sometimes leads to large groups of them together, because that’s what kids do…………..NOT SUGGESTED

We will continue to flatten the curve and reduce exposure if all of us, yes all, work together as one to fight this fight. Stay safe, stay informed & PLEASE STAY HOME!!!

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management



Coronavirus Stats as of this Afternoon 3/27/2020 


The Governor reported today that we have 1,982 additional positives of COVID19 bringing our State total to 8,825 positives with 16,547 negatives. Keeping in mind, our county (Monmouth) has 634 positives and sadly the death rate climbed to 108.

People are working from home and practicing social distancing. People are adjusting and making changes in their lives around the current situation. Some businesses were forced to close. However, today, with it being a break in the weather, I received several complaints regarding Landscapers. This type of business was not excluded at this time from working.
So with that in mind, I want to send this message out to all Landscape owners/companies & their workers throughout, and after reading this you will know who you are. Social Distancing is just that, not 2-4 workers in the one truck going job to job. Please, for their safety and in following the suggested compliance, please make adjustments to your operations. All of you were allowed to continue to work, but using common sense would make things work a great deal better. Thanks

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management







March 27th 11:50am. 

With the amount of our residents running out each day to get food and other necessities that are needed in their homes.......

The following is copied from the NJ Department of Health website for residents and those running out to obtain needed groceries. 

Social Distancing Guidance for Essential Retail Businesses:

Social distancing involves taking measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the op- portunities for exposure. The general recommendation is to avoid crowds and close contact by keeping six feet between yourself and others. When social distancing is properly imple- mented, it can be an important strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Stores
Executive Order No. 107 designated grocery stores and other stores that sell food goods as essential. The supply chain for these stores has not been disrupted and these stores are permitted to operate during their normal operating hours.
These stores should continue to follow social distancing and hygiene best practices. To that end, retailers should:
• Consider reserving certain hours for senior citizens and other high-risk populations.
• Not permit staff who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (such as fever or a cough)
to come to work.
• Train employees on ideal hygiene practices, including proper handwashing.
• Increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing per the Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
vention (CDC) Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection guidance of all hard surfaces, in- cluding tables and counter tops that are being utilized by employees and patrons, as well as restrooms.
• Consider installing sanitizing stations for customers and staff throughout the store.
• Assist customers in keeping at least 6 feet of space between individuals or family groups
while shopping and waiting in line.
• Eliminate foods put on display and sample foods and reduce self-service food stations.
• Consider posting signage to encourage customers to remain 6 feet apart and to promote proper hygiene.
The majority of these guidelines apply to other essential retail businesses. These entities are reminded to encourage social distancing practices for staff and customers, frequently sani- tize high-touch areas and encourage staff and customers to follow hygiene best practices.

Patrons entering essential retail businesses should abide by the following guidelines:

• If an individual must leave home to access essential goods, they are encouraged to go at non-peak times, to keep distance from other customers in the store, keep visits as brief as possible, and to go alone if possible.
• When shopping and standing in line, customers should keep six feet between themselves and other patrons/staff.
• Individuals should not enter a retail facility if they have symptoms consistent with COVID- 19 (such as fever or a cough), have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are undergoing a quarantine for potential exposure to COVID-19.

Please visit the New Jersey Department of health website for up to date and a great deal of important information visit at:

Thanks in advance
Steven Cioffi

  1. WLB Emergency Management 


March 25,2020 3:45pm

Attention Residents:
With the current situation suggesting all non- essential people work from home, or they should be working from home, one of the many questions ask is what can we do with our pets during the day? So in looking, We have located one place, and if others are learned I will post, but the Green Leaf Pet Resort in Ocean Township & Millstone offers the following, I’m hoping this information is beneficial.

As the Official certified Monmouth County Emergency Pet Care Facility and a member of the County Animal Response team (CART) Green Leaf Pet Resort (locations in Oakhurst and in Millstone), is offering discounted services to support our community for all dog care needs.
•        Boarding
•        Daycare
•        Grooming
•        Free Transportation within a 10-mile radius
As always, our staff is on site fulfilling our 24/7 Promise to provide excellent care to each of our guests. Please contact us regarding our Curb-side service that is in effect to minimize contact. Call for more information. 732-272-0800.

Green Leaf Pet Resort 
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

March 25,2020 1:00pm 

Good morning residents: Here are a few quick clarifications in regards to the last Executive order shut down by the governors office Regarding essential businesses.These are not
All the questions that everyone has but this is what I know right now.

Hotels and motels are not retail establishments and are not closed by the executive order also they will be considered residences for some people

Landscapers appear to be a service not closed by the executive order however, social distancing is strongly recommended. One suggestion, by the NJ Landscape Contractors Association and not a requirement is have workers Follow the work truck in their own vehicles to ensure social distancing,do not eat lunch together and remain minimum 6 feet away and wash hands well and often. 

Funerals and weddings do not have to be canceled but they would have to abide by the 10 person gathering limit. A wedding with officiant, the couple and up to seven witnesses would be permitted.

Mobile dog grooming is not considered a retail business but they must follow social distancing

I have all intentions of later in the day coming up with the proper websites including one that residents are actually able to type in questions and possibly get the correct answers.

Construction sites are allowed with workers following the proper social distancing. 

I will leave you with, that social distancing is exactly what it sounds likeIf your business is not essential stay home! If you need to go out to one of the essential stores please Make all attempts to distance yourself from others and wash your hands on a regular basis.

We will get through this guys and we will get through it together. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay home!

Steven Cioffi
West Long branch emergency management




March 23, 2020

This evening, a second Code Red message will be put out to our residents. For those that have not registered to receive Code Red messages to your phone number, below are directions to assist you.

For those residents who do not wish to register or do not have the ability to register, a copy of the message will be posted on the Boroughs Emergency Management Page which you can access on the borough’s website along with the Borough’s Emergency Management Facebook page (West Long Branch Emergency Management).

  • Go to the Borough’s web page at
  • Under to “Citizen Action Center” click on the box, “CODE RED SIGN-UP”
  • You will be brought to a Code Res Page
  • Choose your own Username
  • Choose your own Password
  • Re-Type your own Password
  • Hit Continue
  • Fill in First/Last Name
  • Check off residential or business
  • Choose home/business in drop down box
  • Put street address of address you choose
  • Fill in City
  • Fill in State
  • Fill in Zip
  • Fill in Phone
  • If TDD Check off box
  • Check off text if you want to receive text messages of Code Red alerts
  • Check off Emergency & General Notifications
  • At Bottom Verify and you should be set.

Steven Cioffi

WLB Emergency Management