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The West Long Branch Office of Emergency Management is committed to serving the residents of West Long Branch and neighboring towns. This page is designed to assist and educate residents with preparing for emergencies that may occur. This site will also provide quick links and resources to keep residents informed on incidents 


August 4th 2020 10:00PM. Storm Aftermath Report:

This afternoon a very quick moving tropical storm with heavy rain and very high wind gusts hit our area. The aftermath left damages in some areas that is unbelievable.

At 9pm tonight, JCP&L reported that we currently have approximately 182,000 customers in Monmouth County that are still out of power.

In our borough we had close to 3,000 customers out but currently we still have approximately 1,916 residents still without power.

According to JCP&L supervisors, this outage will likely will be a multi-day event for many of our residents. This is caused by trees on wires, snapped or down poles and transformer issues. JCP&L currently as brought in 1,800 additional workers including 740 line workers and 725 additional forestry contractors for tree removal.

If your power is out and you have not physically called it in, please do so. This will assist JCP&L in determining what grids are out and what needs attention.

It has been a very long day for all of us, traffic signals out, roads blocked by down trees and phone poles just snapped dropping transformers in roadways. Police, Fire & EMS along with all the power company crews are all doing there very best. Please try to be patient and if you need help, please ask for it. Be safe.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management




August 4th 2020 8am

Tropical Storm/Tornado Watch

We start out knowing that we experience very heavy rain on the overnight hours. This was basically a storm front before the Tropical storm and we may see more rain prior to the storm hitting our area.

Its anticipated at this hour that the track of this storm winds will increase wind gusts which will vary on the how the track of the storm will travel but could reach wind gusts between 50-70 mph at times. That being followed by very heavy rain during and after and will cause localized roadway flooding, trees that have been weakened already could fall causing power lines to come down or cause power outages.On top of that with the front moving as it is, with the anticipated winds, Tornado watch is in effect as well.

As most weather reports change by the minute, as will this storm. I will keep residents up to date as I learn it but regardless, if you don't have to travel, stay home!

Some quick friendly reminders in anticipation of this storm:

*Power outages or interruptions: Call JCP&L at 1-88-544-4877 and please provide your information.

*Please bring in or secure any loose lawn items such as chairs, tables, planters or hanging baskets.

*If you have flags flying, take them down to prevent damage

*If you have to go out, if a roadway is flooded, turn around, flood waters are sometimes deeper than they seem

*Governor has issued a State of Emergency but as of right now did not include a travel band. But if you don't have to travel, please stay home.

*All State offices including DMV are closed. Essential personnel only are reporting for work.

*Your County and State Office of Emergency Management teams are prepared & ready

*Charge your devices, laptops and phones

*If you have time and are able to check any roadway stormwater grates near your home, please do so to assist DPW workers. This will not prevent flooding during downpours but will help.

Everyone please stay save. More updates as learned. Hoping this storm track will change but let's all be ready if necessary.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


Tuesday Aug 4th 2020  6:20am 

The Governor has declared a State of Emergency starting at 5am this morning in anticipation of this storm. This State of Emergency does NOT include a travel band, however,  the Governor strongly suggests that if you don’t have to travel today, stay home. More information to follow on this storm with a later post. 
All NJ State offices, including MVC Licensing Centers, Vehicle Centers, Road Test Operations, and Headquarters, will be CLOSED Tuesday, August 4, due to Tropical Storm Isaias.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Monday August 3rd 2020  1:00pm

Tropical Storm now will impact our area 
More updated info later this evening

July 28 th 2020 6pm

Power outage in the area of N. Locust Ave. JCP&L has been notified and is investigating
Report all power outages 888-544-4877




July 20 2020 2:30 pm

West Long Branch Residents: 
The NJ American Water Company advises they have "operational issues" at a local plant and a Mandatory Water Restriction is now in effect until further notice.
No car washing, lawn watering until further notice. More information to follow when learned.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

July 18th 2020  8:50 pm 

Dangerously Hot Temperatures now into Wednesday

Good evening Residents, 
Very Hot temperatures and high humidities will combine to create excessive heat conditions through Monday of this week. Maximum temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s on Monday. The most concerned part of the next few days is still expected to be on Monday when heat index values could exceed 110 degrees, yes 110!!! Nighttime temperatures won't help much since lows are expected only in the 70s.

Tuesday is now forecasted to be also very hot with temperatures in the low to mid 90s, however heat index are anticipated to be high near 100. Of course Higher humidity will return on Wednesday, which may prompt another Heat Advisory during the day with heat index of 100-105°F possible.

Things to remember, Heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke are possible if too much time is spent outside.  Local landscapers and those jobs forcing you to work outside, please use caution. Please make all attempts to stay hydrated. Coaches,  Reschedule all outdoor activities / training to the early morning or evening hours, if not, Cancel them! Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing, and again drink plenty of water.  If at all possible, please stay in doors in a air-conditioned building and check on others who may be susceptible to the extreme heat, especially the elderly. 
Most of us have pets, and regardless how big or small they like cool temperatures as well and also like cool water... just sayin! 
Please stay safe and if you don’t have to go out, stay inside! 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch 
Emergency Management


Saturday July 18th 2020

Dangerous Temperatures Coming!!

Good morning Borough Residents, 

Very Hot temperatures and high humidities will combine to create excessive heat conditions starting on Sunday and continuing through Tuesday of next week. The worst day is expected to be on Monday when heat index values could exceed 110 degrees.  Night time temperatures won't help much since lows are expected in the 70s. 

Heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke are possible if too much time is spent outside.  Please reschedule  outdoor activities/ sports training to the early morning or evening hours or cancel. And if possible, Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing, and drink plenty of water, please stay hydrated. If at all possible, also stay in an air-conditioned building and check on others who may be susceptible to the extreme heat, especially the elderly.if you allow your pets outside, remember the heat affects them as well! 

Please stay safe and stay where it’s cool! 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Thursday July 16th 2020

Good morning, OK folks it’s pretty simple. With everything that everyone has gone through with his pandemic everybody’s lives have been turned up and down and sometimes we forget the most simplest things. However,When you park your vehicles in your driveway or in front of your house at night here’s a simple solution..... Do not leave valuables of any sort in your vehicle, Do not leave your key fobs or keys in your vehicle, and finally, Please Lock your vehicles!!!!! It really doesn’t matter, what part of town you live in or what type of vehicle you may have, you are  just making it easy for those responsible in breaking in, a whole lot easier!!!! Enough said!!!! 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


July 10th 12:00 pm  Mid day update: Tropical Storm Fay

The national weather bureau in Mt Holly NJ advises that the tropical storm Fay is still on track and if continues on same path will be in our area by mid day, and continue into the afternoon hours. 

This storm will drop 2-4 inches of rain and in some areas up to 6 inches. Minor tidal flooding is expected and localized street flooding is expected. Winds are expected to increase and produce gusts up to 50 mph along the coast. Tornado activity is possible along the coast line from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook. 

JCP&L advised they are at full staff and have out of state crews as well on stand-by if necessary. Reminder, if your power goes off, please contact JCP&L at 888-544-4877 and provide your information to assist them in knowing what grids are out. 

Lastly, if roads are flooded, please use another route. Some water can be  deeper than it seems

Steven Cioffi
WLB Emergency Management



July 9 2020

Tropical Storm Fay update:  6:55am

As of the 5 am this morning an update from the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Fay has strengthened slightly. Maximum sustained winds have bumped up to 50 mph. The center of Fay was located 105 miles due south of Cape May, NJ. The storm is crawling north at 10 mph (that forward motion is expected to increase throughout the day).

It’s anticipated time to affect our immediate area is bumped up to mid day, which forecasters say is about noon time, but may see light rain sooner. The National weather bureau is still showing very heavy rain and winds but there is a possibility due to its track and speed the storm may be fast moving. Sparing our coastal areas but still causing flooding and winds 

Further updates will be posted if any other significant changes

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



July 8th 2020 7:30pm 
Quick breakdown of new Rules put in place by Governor : 

Today the governor has now signed another executive order saying that face coverings are required to be worn outdoors when social distancing is not practical. 
This wearing face coverings is vital when individuals find themselves in crowded situations. Examples being, Packed boardwalks or standing in line where people are not properly spaced apart. An exception to this executive order is when a person is eating or drinking at an outdoor dining facility or by wearing the face covering endangers their health or safety the last exception being that children under two do not have to wear face coverings. 
The governor again said that his order of wearing face coverings indoors is still in place, but again exception being if it effects your health or safety.

The governor stated that he is going to give more restaurants outside dining areas. He advised that restaurants with fixed roofs that are open on two sides will be considered now outdoor dining areas as long as their is 50% wall space. 

Lastly, he explained the severe problems the Division  of Motor Vehicle agencies experienced yesterday with overcrowding. 
He said that starting next Monday the offices will be open six days a week in hopes to assist those residents who are in need of their services. 
He did urge all residents to visit the motor vehicle website at NJMVC.GOV which is their online services and there’s a good possibility residents can take care of their business online versus going in to the sites. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management 

July 8th 2020  10:30am

This afternoon the governor intends to sign an executive order ordering all residents to wear face coverings when outside. Once this order is issued I will read it more in detail and report further. But as I understand it right now, masks or face coverings will be worn outside when social distancing from other people is not possible.....more to follow

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



July 7th 2020    Election information

Good morning residents of West Long Branch. Today’s primary election information: 

There is only one polling location in West Long Branch for this election, which is in Borough Hall Council Chambers.  Anyone who comes here to vote must vote by provisional ballot.  Only disabled voters will be allowed to vote on the machine.

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management

July 6th 2020.  
At 2:55pm The national weather bureau issued a severe thunderstorm again for our area. These pop-up storms, can be very dangerous and produce Highwinds and possible hail. Please take all precautions necessary


July 4th 2020.  

Friendly reminder to all West Long branch residents and others. Our Fourth of July fireworks has been postponed until Labor Day weekend


West Long Branch Residents. June 9th 2020. 9:50PM

Good Evening, this afternoon Governor Murphy announced several things in his stage 2 part of his plan that we all have been waiting for. Up until now there has been many changes in our numbers due to increase in testing but at this point, he and his team feel we are able to move forward. The following is a quick brief for those interested:

The Stay at home order that has been in effect since March 21st is now lifted. However, face coverings and social distancing is still important.

Effective immediately, indoor gatherings will be permitted at which ever number is lower, 25% of the building’s capacity or 50 people total. All attendees must wear face coverings and stay 6 feet apart. This order will allow for greater indoor religious services

Effective immediately the limit of outdoor gatherings is raised from 25 to 100 people with exception being more than 100 people for 1stamendment outdoor activities or outdoor religious gatherings.

Also, if things continue as they have been, he anticipates increasing limits of outdoor gatherings of 250 people on June 22ndand 500 People on July 3rd. He noted that school graduations may start to plan as of July 6th with 500 people only limit at these functions.

He reported that the Health dept has cleared pools to reopen June 22nd. And continued by saying that he was authorizing all outdoor recreational and entertainment businesses that had been previously closed to reopen. Exception being amusement parks, water parks and arcades which would involve large amount of people coming in contact with high touch surfaces.

Here is town, the Borough Council voted on waiving Permit fee’s at the local level for local food establishments to have the opportunity to host outdoor dining. Myself and Code enforcement officers have been and will continue to be working with these establishments to assist them in making this happen where it is possible, A list will be provided later for those residents interested.

Our Borough Parks are open but starting tomorrow morning, playground areas of these parks will be opened. It is strongly suggested that all parents make all attempts when possible to continue social distancing when at these parks, face coverings when applicable and cleaning type wipes for equipment prior and afterwards. Friendly reminder, trash is just that and should be placed in proper trash containers and not discarded on the grounds.

As more updated information is learned it will be posted. I want to continue to thank all of you for getting us this far. It has been and still will be tough for most of us, but we as a community did this as one, and I thank you all for what you have done and will continue to do.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


Coronavirus Update May 21, 2020

Good morning residents,

In the past few days in the days and weeks to come, we will have all learned that change and coping with change is part of the”New Normal” that we will face in our every day lives.

Over the past few months, we have all dealt with closures of schools, businesses and even our parks. Making those decisions were an effort to make things safer while we deal with the fight against COVID-19. As time went by, allowing certain things to open or at least their operations being modified so they could open, took place.

Yet not totally being out of the woods, additional cancellations and modifications still had to be in place for many different things. This led us to keeping places closed, additional canceling of scheduled functions such as summer camp, graduations, summer concerts, fishing derby’s and fireworks display. This was another decision that had to be made, and not an easy one at all to make. 

As a coordinator of emergency management for the Borough, I want to personally thank all the residents who have stayed strong and dealt with this pandemic as I have. It was and still in parts, will continue to be a real game changer in all our lives and will definitely be one for the books to remember in the future. With support of State, County and our local officials, we will see things lean more towards getting back to where we belong, being that our ”New Normal” 

I am fortunate to have resources from our State Police OEM and the Monmouth County Emergency Management office to obtain daily and weekly updated reports that will assist in providing the right information as it's learned to our residents. I will continue to make all attempts to keep answering the questions residents have and at the same time, keep all informed on the current changes and provide you with information that you may need in the near future. Please continue to be safe, stay informed and utilize social distancing as much as possible.
Thanks so much in advance

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management 


Coronavirus Update May 19th 2020 8:30PM

Good Evening,

This afternoon, Governor Murphy started out his daily briefing making a strong point. He stated that Decision making is driven by the following:

Science, Data, Facts & Public Health.
He was very clear in pointing out that it was not by: Politics, Protests or Emotion.

He stated That's how we save lives & That's how we meet this moment.

He then went into the numbers. He stated that we currently have 1,055 new cases in the State and that would bring our total to 149,013. Today Monmouth County shows 7,470 as a total with Ocean County at 8,067 and Middlesex County holding at 14,834. Sadly he had to report that we had an additional 162 lives lost bringing our States total loss of life to 10,586. In Monmouth County we lost 520 souls, Ocean County 643 souls and Middlesex lost 903. He pressed upon that these statistics were just not numbers, they are individuals that lost their lives to COVID 19. parents,grandparents,brother,sisters,aunts & uncles.

Tomorrow he signed an administrative order allowing Automobile & Motorcycle dealerships to open. That along with Bicycle shops, allowing people inside as long as Social distancing is adhered too.

He advised that this was just another step forward on our roadway back.

At our local level, We have been through so much together. But just know that essential stores are still operating and people seem to be following the needed guidelines that are set in place. But, Aside from visiting larger food stores and pharmacy type establishments, please take a minute to remember the small family run type businesses. These all, regardless of where they are located, in our town or out, are in desperate need of your full support. They I'm sure have supported your various groups in the past and now, they are in need more than ever of our help.

As the days and weeks ahead approach us, plan on additional changes. However, We still have a ways to go and with doing the right things,Social Distancing, washing your hands and when applicable,wearing a mask, I feel very strong that we will succeed. Stay safe, stay informed and please, stay at home when you are able.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management



Update on Coronavirus. May 14 2020. 6:25pm

Today the Governor during his daily report was proud to report moving closer to where we need to be due to data,numbers & science. He stated that he was happy to report that social distancing was being strongly adhered to by residents and visitors and with that along with the other factors mentioned, it made it possible to move forward at this time.

He advised that the Jersey Shore will be open in time for memorial day weekend, however, with strong social distancing guidelines in place. He pressed upon safely moving forward with the following which will commence on Friday May 22nd :

Capacity and admission limitations to beaches

Six feet demarcations in certain areas

Public outreach campaign on social distancing restrictions

No special events, No fireworks, no concerts

Implement proper and regular sanitation requirements

Playgrounds, rides, arcades,games,water fountains,picnic areas, amusement parks and water play areas will remain closed.

Boardwalk Restaurants continue take out service only

Shower pavilions, changing areas and restrooms will be open.

As of this writing, the governor is still reviewing & will make decisions soon and also give guidance on pool clubs and charter fishing boats but currently they will remain closed.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management

May 14 2020 11:20am 
Attention West Long Branch Residents.
Recently I was advised of a minor issue that I’m asking residents to assist me with if at all possible. This minor issue is contributed apparently by the “new way” we all now have to live due to the pandemic.  
As you are all aware, every Wednesday is recycling day in our borough and with that comes the collection of cardboard/paper and opposite weeks comes plastic/glass.
Due to the overwhelming increase of ordering on line and things being delivered to our homes, cardboard intake has drastically increased. The favor that I’m asking residents is this, when placing boxes/cardboard out to street, please make all attempts to break these boxes down  and when there are several pieces, please have them tied up. Also when you drop off at the recycling yard, it also would be greatly appreciated if residents can break down the cardboard flat before placing in the proper dumpster. Breaking down boxes makes it both easier for both the truck and dumpster to hold its maximum amount & having the cardboard tied makes crews expedite on picking up.
Thanks so much in advance
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Coronavirus Update 05/13/2020 7:25PM

Today the Governor reported that data and science assisted with making a few decisions to help us head back to where we belong. He advised that effective next Monday starting at 6am, non-essential construction is allowed to restart with some modifications. He also was happy to report that all non-essential retail stores are allowed to reopen for curbside pickups only! If stores are located within a mall type setting, that particular retail store must bring purchased items outside to customer. Inside shopping mall areas are restricted. Thirdly he reported that all drive-in movies and drive by events are permitted effective immediately under social distancing guidelines.

Aside from these items, he was also happy to report that this data, and the way we have all strongly adhered properly to the regulations of social distancing and this may lead to further things being relaxed on by end of week. Currently they are now working on a responsible plan for allowing elective surgery at some facilities. When it’s safe to relax he assures that we will, but advises that we must stay on track with social distancing. The more we stay on track the better.

At our local level, with allowing the opening of our non-essential stores with curbside pick-ups only starting next Monday, please let’s make all attempts to follow the required guidelines he has set in place. I realize that we all have had more than enough of dealing with this virus and its disruptions that it has caused all of our lives, but please make all attempts to do what is right, continue social distancing, washing of hands and covering of faces when applicable. We are headed down this path together, and together we can make this happen.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


May 13th 2020. 7:55AM

Good Morning, because of COVID19 everything we do from here on out in our world will drastically change. This was a true game changer in all of our lives. But sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses but to actually discover what our strengths are.

We are fighting this fight for sure,and have will continue to fight. As I mentioned before, our community is strong & regardless of what we will face in the next few months, we have to stand together as one. Stay safe, Stay informed & please make all attempts to continue Social Distancing as much as possible.We will get through this together!

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


May 12th 2020. 4:45PM

Some Important updates for Borough Residents:

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, NJ Division of Motor Vehicle Commission is now adding additional online services:

Registrations & Renewals for more vehicle types

License Renewals

Address changes

Lost Licenses & Registrations

Suspension restorations by email

Much more.......

Please Go to for more information

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


Friendly reminder for West Long Branch residents: New Jersey American water will be Flushing fire hydrants in Our area And this will continue for the next few weeks. During this time expect water to be discolored and at times water pressure to be down. If you experience Discolored water please just allow your faucetsTo run a few minutes and in the water should 
clear. The service is done annually by the water company to assure that all hydrants are working properly. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long branch emergency management




April 7th 2020 

Attention all Borough Residents: It is with great sadness to report that a decision was made in regards to our summer recreation program that our recreation commission successfully hosts hold ever summer. 
This decision was far from being easy to make, but at this time we had to cancel the program this year. With our school systems being kept closed per the Governor’s executive order, and with no real clear date of when things should be relaxed with limited or no restrictions, summer camp was cancelled.
Our recreation commission always strives to do the very best and we thank them for that. In speaking to commission members, they hope everyone stays well has a safe summer. They assured me they will return bigger and stronger by next season. We apologize for the inconvenience this cancellation may cause to the residents.
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 5th 2020. 8:00PM

This afternoon, Governor Murphy reported on updated data he received during the past few days. He reported, we increased our positive cases another 2,494 bringing our States total to 130,593. He stated we may have some lagging results from the weekend that we yet have received. He did advise that in looking at the map it continues to show slowing rates of doubling of new cases and that is a good thing. He did report that as of 10:00PM last night, 5,328 patients with COVID19 were being actively treated in our hospitals.

He happily reported that while hospitalizations had a small increase, the number of patients reported in either critical condition or intensive care dropped to 1,534. Ventilator use, currently stands at 1,169 but he reported that this number too, continues to decline. He reported that we did have as of yesterday another 385 new hospitalizations but 232. patients had been released.

Sadly he again reported on the number of residents who had died due to this virus and today was another 334 souls. Making the States total to 8,244

On a positive note, the Governor reported that the NJ Division of Consumer affairs will begin standing up a program to grant temporary emergency licenses to recent graduates of nursing, physician assistants, pharmacy and respiratory care therapy programs who have not yet been able to take and pass their licensing exams. Thousands of recent graduates will be able to quickly join the teams of health care professionals currently fighting COVID19.

Locally, I want to personally thank both residents and other visitors for practicing great social distancing at the parks this past weekend. The weather continued nice after a few days of rain in which brought most people outside. People were seen exercising by running, walking,walking their pets or fishing and they seem to follow the suggested guidelines. So, please continue to do the right thing.
Also, please take the time to fully support all small business as you have been doing. Just remember back in the day when we all were seeking door prices to support our groups, well more than ever, they need your continued support at this time.

In closing, the Governor mentioned that there is no magic wand to make this virus go away. What we are doing is slowly working. He reported that this is the fight of our lives and that we are following data, science and the facts. He urged residents to do this right, safely and responsibly, whether you like it or not.

Have a safe night

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


May 1st 2020    2:10pm    Update for this weekend
With the anticipated awesome weather for this weekend, here is a friendly reminder to all residents & visitors that want to visit our Borough parks:

All Borough Parks are Open as of daybreak tomorrow with restrictions:

• No Picnics, Organized events or Team Sports are permitted
• Playground/Play Areas, Basketball,Soccer or Baseball fields are still closed
• Fishing is allowed, Please Social Distance yourself.
• Social Distancing while exercising,walking, walking the pet or running is strongly suggested.
• Wearing of face coverings is recommended but not mandated. 

The Governor has warned that if problems at parks continue as they have in the past, and people are observed not following suggested procedures that have been put in place, re-closing of parks would not be an issue. 

It only takes a few people to mess it up for everyone else. So please, I realize how much we all are in need this. We have worked as one community so far, Let’s try and use common sense in hopes to move onto other things that we are desperately in need to have open/relax on as well.
Thanks so much in advance
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


COVID 19 Update 4/30/2020 9:07PM.

This afternoon, after our Governor returned from Washington, and he then provided the total numbers for today. These numbers included additional positives, additional stats from our hospitals and sadly additional souls that have lost their lives due to complications from COVID 19.

Tonight, I just feel the need to tell you I am switching things up and bringing out a point that he brought up and one that I truly feel is more important to what we need to continue to do as a community.
The lines on all of these scales don’t go down on their own. We have all contributed to flatten the curve. But we still must remember that they only go down when we keep up with our social distancing. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we will get on that road to recovery much more sooner and will be that much more prepared for what’s ahead, “Back to normal” has changed drastically in all our lives and what we have to strive for now is the “New Normal”

As we approach this weekend and weather is anticipated to be much better, but it is NJ and if we wait five minutes, the weather will change, the opening of our State, County & yes, our local (parks) will be open along with golf courses throughout the area with minor modifications.
I know that the majority of you will be doing the right thing or trying to do the right thing this weekend. Opening of these parks will give all of us all a better peace of mind in everything that we are dealing with in our lives. With that in mind, please make all attempts to follow social distancing. If you’re a fisherman, enjoy the sport you love, but please give the distance needed between each other. Wearing face coverings are strongly suggested in parks, however, not mandated.

I will close by saying a special thanks to those in our medical field, Our Nurses, Doctors and hospital staff. Our First responders, Long Term Health care workers, grocery store employees & delivery drivers. These all are people that fight the fight every day without looking back, and also provide us with the things we need in hopes to bring us back towards our “New Normal”

Stay safe, Stay informed and please Stay Home for now if you are able.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management




Update Coronavirus 4/29/2020   1:30PM  
Attention Borough Residents, today, Governor Murphy signed an executive order allowing the opening of all State parks along with Golf Courses to begin at sunrise this Saturday May 2nd. As far as county parks the Governor stated that they may open at the discretion of the County Governments.

With this news, All West Long Branch Borough Parks will be opened at the same time this Saturday, but still have limited restrictions. And they are the following:
• Playgrounds/Play areas will be kept closed within the parks
• Picnics, organized events and team sports remain prohibited
Social Distancing & wearing face masks is strongly suggested by those utilizing parks.

I realize,more than some, how this caused an inconvenience to all of you during the time of these closures. But understand, under the circumstances, this is something that we felt truly needed to be done to enhance social distancing of people. Thank you for all of your cooperation in this matter.
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 29th 2020.  7:50AM


Its anticipated that a storm system will be developing across our region mid- afternoon on Thursday into Thursday evening and then it is said to continue to move across our area most of Friday. There are several things with this storm front that we will be watching as there could be significant impacts in some places.

1.) Heavy rainfall: A steady rain will fall across the area beginning Thursday afternoon and lasting into Friday morning. One and a half to two inches of rain could occur for much of central and southern New Jersey. Two to locally three inches could fall for the southern Poconos, Lehigh Valley and northern New Jersey. Localized flooding can be expected if these amounts of rain occur. Remember, if a roadway is flooded please turn around, some water is much deeper than it seems.


2) Wind: Winds will increase through the day Thursday with sustained winds around 20 mph and gusts over 40 mph possible. The highest gusts will likely be closer to the coastline. A Gale Watch has been issued for the coastal waters for Thursday afternoon into evening.

3.) 2.) Tidal flooding: This developing strong south to southeast wind will cause water levels at the shore to become higher than usual with increased levels due to heavy rain Low-end minor tidal flooding may develop in areas that have issues with a strong south wind.

This rain event is not expected to cause any power disruption or outages, but you know the drill by now folks, if your lights happen to go out, please notify JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 and follow the prompts to report your issues. This does assist the Emergency Management and JCP&L is knowing what power grids are affected and it allows them to address the issues much quicker.

Please be safe

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 28th 2020.  0700Hrs

Good Morning, as we all start our day today, and the sun shines bright. Just know, that if we always keep our faces towards the bright sunshine, the shadows will always fall behind us all.
With this pandemic, we have all truly experienced a really tough road in our own different ways. We have made changes that were real "game changers" and regardless of what people say, we are not out of the woods just yet. Those shadows are still somewhat lurking. So, please stay strong, stay safe & if you are able, stay at home and we can get through this together as one. Have an awesome day!!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Coronavirus Update. April 27th 2020. 3:45PM

Today, everyone was waiting to hear what the Governors plan was in regards New Jersey & The Road Back in restoring Economic Health through public Health.

Well, Governor Murphy stated to residents as we work to put NJ back on the road of progress and prosperity, we know that this war is still very far from being over. He stated we need to continue on focusing on our aggressive social distancing and taking the steps necessary to “FlattenTheCurve so we are able to move down the road. He followed by saying that at this time, he does not know when we’ll be able to formally and finally start this very much needed journey.

Before he touched on his plan, he stated that Our Stay at home order, which yes, has been in effect since March 21st, and he knows how much it was a game changer for all of us, will remain in effect in its entirely until further notice.

Then he went over his plan which included the six principles to restore economic health through public health: He touched upon each segment of this plan and how it would work. Plan included, Sustained reduction in new cases, expanded testing, implement robust contact tracing, securing safe places for isolation, responsible economic restart & ensuring resiliency.

He then stated he needed to repeat the basic truth, which was until we give the public confidence that they should not be fearful, we cannot take further steps. He stated that a plan that is needlessly rushed is a plan that will needlessly fail.

He stated that he wants nothing more than to see every Main Street filled with shoppers and all diners filled once again. He wants nothing but our construction sites roaring with activity & yes, seeing the Jersey Shore humming through the rest of the summer. He stated we will move quickly as we can but safely as we must.

He did say that we are still at a point where we are several weeks out. A decision of schools will not be done before the 15th of May, but he promised, a decision will be done on that date.

He again repeated how the aggressive social distancing is in fact working. And the numbers that are being seen prove just that, however, this fight is far from over and what we don’t want, is to relax what we have in place and having this virus come back at us even worse.

Numbers reported as of 10PM last night are the following: We had another 2,146 additional positive tests bringing the States total to 111,188. We sadly still lost 106 souls bringing our death total to 6,044 so far. Since 10PM last evening, 314 new patients were hospitalized and 480 people were discharged from medical facilities. See more info at COVID19.NJ>Gov.

At our Local level, currently we still are at a point where the need for Aggressive Social Distancing is paramount. Folks, we have gone through so much to get where we currently are and must still fight this to the very end. I realize that this entire thing has been a life changer for all of us, regardless of our age. It is so frustrating, but if we don’t try and stay strong, what we have done will fail. Please stay strong, in the vent you need help, please ask & for now, Stay at home.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Sunday April 26th 2020. 12:00PM

Good Afternoon, before we start our work week, which many of us again will be doing from home. And also, if the weather decides to change and the sun stays out for more than a day, I wanted to share the numbers from yesterday a little differently:

As of April 24th, according to the COVID19 dashboard, in Monmouth County we have a total of 5,429 positive cases in our county and sadly we have lost 287 souls to complications of COVID19.

In New Jersey COVID 19 numbers as of yesterday at about 1:40PM are the following: We had 684 COVID 19 “Discharges from medical centers”  and a total so far, of 108,163 negatives.
Yesterday we did however have an additional 3,457 Positive cases bringing our States total to 105,523. sadly, we still have a total of total of 5,863 souls so far lost due to complications of COVID19.

As all of us read these numbers or as we hear these numbers every day, we have to realize that we still have a way to go before we see relief from this. We must make all attempts to fight this fight together. Social Distancing is just that. Please do your part and make all attempts to continue to shelter in place when you can, limit your exposure to public areas and please, if you need anything, reach out to someone.

We are and always have been in this together as one community. I witnessed first-hand yesterday, what a community is very capable of with our local food pantry. I was very proud to witness what we were able to do in a short period of two hours. This is just a small portion of what we can do together. Please be safe, stay informed and Please, for now, stay home if you are able.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 25th 2020.  12:10PM


According to Oceanport Police: Starting this Sunday night at 7pm, Both directions of Oceanport Ave in Oceanport will be closed between Roadway will be shut down at Crescent Place (Main Gate of track) & Port Au Peck Ave(Traffic Light).
Roadway will be closed until Tuesday morning at 7am. Roadway may be opened earlier if work is utility completed ahead of time.

Steven Cioffi
WLB Emergency Management



April 24th 2020.      6:40PM.   

A special Plea to WLB Residents that are able to assist:

The Reformation Community Food Pantry continues to open twice a week, Tuesday Evenings and Saturday mornings, serving those who are in need. Last week they provided food to 141 families and Tuesday night they provided food to 75 families. It's anticipated that tomorrow morning will be at least that many if not more.
The food Pantry staff advised that they anticipate serving close to 600 families during April. And, in checking locally, our pantry isn't the only pantry seeing these kinds of numbers.
The need is great. It's unprecedented. And, they need your help. To all my friends, if you are placing food orders or shopping (please don't make a special trip out), but if out, please think of the food pantry and add a few items.

In speaking to the staff, which are all volunteer btw, they are in need of canned vegetables and canned fruit within the next 2 weeks as their supplies are getting lower and lower. To everyone who has donated in the past, thank you so much! Our food pantry is truly a community food pantry and could never do this work of "simply feeding the hungry" without the support of our community.

As I have said before, we will get through this together as one community. It truly is a game changer in all of our lives. So if you can help, donations are gladly accepted daily and in the event no one happens to be present during your drop off, place items on benches between the two buildings. For those never there before, the pantry is located in separate building east of the church building. Thanks so much in advance

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management



April 24th 2020.   Water Company Alert 6:05PM 

Attention WLB Borough Residents:

This is an important message just received from the water company:

New Jersey American Water will begin routine flushing of the water distribution system(Fire Hydrants) in your area starting next Monday, April 27, 2020 through Friday, May 15, 2020 between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm to ensure that you continue to receive high-quality water service.

Flushing also allows us to monitor and maintain fire hydrants. This work is essential for safe, reliable water service and it’s in coordination and compliance with all federal, state and local agencies and directives.

When crews are working in your area, you may notice reduced pressure or discolored water. If your water is discolored, run the cold water only at the lowest level of the house for about 3 to 5 minutes so that it clears before using. Repeat this flushing step once or twice within an hour as necessary until the water clears.

For your safety and the safety of our employees, please do not approach them while they work. If you have a question, please call us at 1-800-272-1325. For more information log on to our website at and select Alert Notifications.

Steven Cioffi

Emergency Management


April 24th 2020. COVID 19 Update. 5:05PM

This afternoon, Governor Murphy reported the following: We have an additional 3,047 new positives pushing our States Total to 102,196. The Governor then stated that as we cross 100,000 we all must keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of NJ Residents who have tested positive over the past seven weeks and who have beaten COVID 19. The Governor sadly reported an additional 253 lives that had been lost making our State total 5,617 due to complications of COVID 19.

The Governor continued by saying that we cannot possibly ease up one bit on our social distancing. He stated that he was not in a position yet to begin reopening our State and jumpstarting our economy. He advised that we need to see more progress, and more slowing, before we can begin those considerations.

The Governor also stated he was signing an executive order allowing renters to direct their landlords to use their security deposits to pay their rents, whether that be to make up for a shortfall or pay it in full.

Lastly the Governor stated he participated in a COVID 19 video call with Vice President Pence and other governors where he reiterated NJ’s need for direct cash assistance. The governor advised that he is going to stay on top of this because if we don’t get the cash assistance, we will be faced to make awful choices.

On the local side, all essential stores are still operating on modified hours and serving customers, and at the same time exercising social distancing. I realize that this entire experience has been a total game changer for all of us, regardless of your age. But we must still stick with it as best we can, fight this fight together as one community & by doing so, the “New Normal” will find us & we can all get back to our lives probably most of us with an entirely different way to look at life in general. Stay safe, Stay Informed and Please Stay at home.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 24 th 2020  9:45AM

Attention Borough Residents, Taken from Governors website: 

The Department of Labor created a new web portal that allows New Jersey residents to contact the Department of Labor directly. This is a helpful tool for residents who have questions about their applications. To submit a message, residents must go to and follow the instructions below:

On the top navigation, scroll to the right for “Need Help” and unveil the drop down menu
Choose Send an Email
Choose Email:Submit a message through our new online form.
Follow the prompts



April 24th 2020   7:24am

For those residents that have been waiting. According to Dennis Connelly of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, agencies will remain closed until May 11th. The Website and online transactions are still open for business.please refer to their website for extensions of licenses, registrations and other items.

April 23rd 2020 9:15AM

Good Morning Residents, yesterday it was learned that our garbage removal company that we have in our borough is experiencing serious problems on trash days with residents placing out an "Over abundance" of bulk trash items at one time. Some of these locations were residents "Appearing to Clean out their homes" at one time. This is not permitted and the trash company will be instructed to leave your "Over abundance" of items and you will have to have a private contractor remove same. Please make all attempts to comply with this request. Thanks in advance

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management

Coronavirus Update April 21st 2020     3:35PM
Governor Murphy reported at his 3PM news briefing today that he and his command staff visited the Atlantic City Convention Center which has been turned into another Field Medical Center for when its needed. He anticipates that when the State starts to open, some additional cases will appear.
On the numbers for today, Governor Murphy advised that we had an additional 3,643 positives cases bringing the States total to 92,387. Sadly, he again had to report that we lost another 379 souls, making todays numbers being the highest single day of people we have lost. The total for the State now to be at 4,753.  He further reported total hospitalized 7,594, Those requiring Critical Car or Intensive Care 1,930, Those on Ventilators in use 1,501 Patients currently at field medical stations 72 and proudly discharged total patients of 630 in past 24 hours.
Governor also touched on the several inquiries he received of Opening Parks & Schools and he advised that we are still several weeks out. He emphasized the importance of Social Distancing and as we move to open certain things, he agrees with the experts that our numbers will increase with new cases. He totally realizes what this is doing to those at home and can only hope that by not rushing, things will balance out and lessen the curve faster.
At a local level, Essential places of business are functioning with little or no problems. Some complaints were received again about conditions at local grocery stores regarding face coverings, social distancing & capacity levels. Myself, our Police Chief and our Police Officers monitor these establishments daily and have found all establishments, including Shop-Rite, Aldi and Walgreens are complying to regulations.
Its strongly suggested that if you feel the need to go to one of these places, remember social distancing and face coverings are not suggested, they are required by law.
We will win this one, but have to work together as one community. All of us, some more than others have made huge adjustments in their everyday lives, I thank you for that. Please stay strong, Stay healthy and PLEASE STAY HOME FOR NOW!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Severe weather for our immediate Area
According to the National Weather bureau in Mt Holly NJ a cold front has begun to cross our region headed from west to east bringing a steady line of showers and thunderstorms.
Some of these storms could be severe with damaging winds reported to be up to 50mph gusts being the main threat. However, large hail will also be possible. The timing for these anticipated storms depends on how fast the front moves, but is expected to be early afternoon for areas north and west of the I-95 corridor over eastern PA and mid to late afternoon (roughly between 2pm-5pm) for all areas to the east including the Philadelphia metro area.
This storm is said to be a fast moving type and its anticipated to clear our area by 5-6pm tonight bringing or leaving a cold front overnight.
In the event your power goes out, please contact JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 and advise them of your information and address. This would assist them in determining what grids are out and what action they have to take.
With any heavy rain, storm drains can only handle so much water. If a roadway is flooded, please make all attempts to pick another route. Remember it only takes six inches to render a car trapped in flowing water. So, turn around, Don’t drown.

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management


Coronavirus Update; April 20th 2020  3:00PM
Governor Murphy reported today at his 2:15 PM press conference the following numbers. Today we added an additional 3,528 confirmed test results, bringing our Statewide totals to 88,806 He again sadly reported that we had an additional 177 souls that lost their lives to complications to this virus bringing the total thus far to 4,377 souls.
He reported that we have 6,986 people hospitalized, 2,018 Requiring Critical or Intensive care, 1,594 on ventilators 74 patients at our Field Medical stations and in the past 24 hrs. discharged patients were at a number of 583.
Moving Forward, Governor advised that they have been speaking with Washington on a regular basis and NJ requesting & needing direct cash assistance. Governor Murphy advise that talks are going well.
Governor Murphy advised that in moving forward, Personal Health creates Economic Health. We need one before moving into another. And he advised that it can’t be any other way around. It has to happen in that order.
In a few days, the Governor advised that he will release a footprint his plan and how it has to be done and followed out. He urged residents to continue to social distance themselves and lets do this together as one.
At our local level, a friendly reminder that when having to go out to one of our essential places of businesses, dinner pick up, food stores, and pharmacy’s please utilize face coverings. All stores now require it for you and their workers. Our weather is forecasted to change soon, which will make it even harder to stay at home. Understand, we are at a level now where numbers are looking better, but if we all don’t do our part, we will or could have a huge relapse and things might get worse. Stay strong, stay safe and Please stay at home.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Saturday April 18th 2020      1:17PM   Coronavirus Update 


Governor Murphy started his daily briefing with providing the numbers. As of today we have 81,420 Positives in New Jersey after gaining another 3,026 since yesterday’s numbers. We currently have 7,718 Hospitalized 2,024 patients requiring Critical or Intensive care. Additionally, we have 1,641 ventilators in use. 90 Patients at field medical stations and 814 discharged as of 10pm last night. The Governor sadly reported that we lost another 231 souls making our total thus far for NJ at 4,070 of our residents lost to complications from the Coronavirus. 

Governor then switched gears by going over three different charts that contained information/statistics from the past three weeks and showed where Social Distancing was very much helping and the curve was seeming to balance out.

At our local level, our local restaurants for dinner food picks are currently open and following the much needed regulations. Supermarkets, Shop Rite & Aldi are operational and also following regulations & occupancy level requirements. At this point we cannot relax and Aggressive Social Distancing is very much needed. If you find yourself in one of these establishments, please stay 6 feet away when possible. I do have a Special request to all residents & visitors of these establishments and other essential places. Wearing Face Masks or Face coverings are no longer an option for patrons & employees, it’s a requirement and this should not be very difficult to understand. I still observe at times that there are still some both employee’s and patrons that are not following the requirements, please let’s try and get rid of this virus and do our part together. Stay safe if you need or you are required to go out, stay informed & for those who can, Please stay home! 


Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management 



Coronavirus Update April 17th 2020 1:00PM

Governor reported that we experienced an increase of 3,250 additional positives and this bringing our States total to 78,467. Again he sadly reported an additional 323 more deaths bringing our numbers to a total of 3,840 souls we lost so far. Discharged patients a total of 787.
It was reported from the State Health Commissioner that in Monmouth County at their 40 Long Term Health facilities, they had 782 cases of this virus and 114 souls lost their lives to complications from this virus.  
Governor strongly urged to all residents to continue Social Distancing. He stated we are all working to lessen the curve of this virus but have to stay at it and we will be able to fight this together as on.
As time goes by things get tougher at home he truly understands that. But in the end we will beat this virus and beat it together, after all, we’re New Jersey. There is nothing else that needs to be said!
At a local level, Social distancing has to stay in place for now. I realize it’s very frustrating but we need to stay strong! In riding around, I see all of us are complying even more, and I thank you for that.   The weather will eventually break soon and draw more of our residents outside. Please make all attempts to stay very close to home, yes, go outside and take the sun and warmth when it does come, but please STAY HOME FOR NOW!
Steven Cioffi
WLB Emergency Management


Coronavirus Update: April 16th   1:15PM
Governor reported the following numbers. New Positive cases in NJ rose to 4,391 making the States total 75,317. Sadly, again we lost 362 Souls from complications of this virus. NJ Total is now at 3,518 who lost their lives to Coronavirus.
Governor extended All School closings to extend until May 15th. He understands what an impact this has caused families throughout NJ but at this time, he has extended closures until then.
He again pressed the importance of social distancing and that people that are not essential to STAY HOME! The curve will lessen, he assures us of that, but everyone needs to do their part.
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

April 15th 2020. 1:45pm 

Governor Murphy in his 1PM briefing related the following: New Jersey currently has 71,030 Positives, The Governor sadly reported a total of 3,156 souls lost to this virus. Persons that recovered thus far in NJ 49,970.
As the Governor continued to speak, he repeated himself, and kept repeating several times, in saying that we as residents of New Jersey can conquer this fight, and do it together. But, we need to realize the severity of this virus and STAY AT HOME! If you are not required to go out, do not!!
At our local level, our healthcare systems in our area are working in overload. Our Nurses, Doctors and other Hospital staff along with our long term facilities are pushed to the max! They are handling more cases than ever before and giving them the full support they need is so important right now.  But please understand, one of the easiest ways to support them is to stay at home and possibly by doing this it will lessen the curve of this virus. This virus is very much real people and if you still don’t believe this, ask any of them or any of our other first responders who put themselves on the front line, everyday!
Stay safe, Stay informed & Stay Home!!
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Coronavirus Update April 14th 2020. 8:45PM

Governor Murphy reported today that we are still at a point where social distancing should be seriously maintained by everyone. He further mentioned that he and the other Governors are working together in order to have a plan in place for when the time arrives to move forward on things in order to get back to normal but we are still not there yet.

He reminded restaurants that provide food pick up, that everyone must be wearing a face mask or covering while working. This rule is also mandated for the general public going into any store, especially grocery stores and they too have to be wearing a covering over their nose and mouth.

Things that also might help, The Governor yesterday stated he signed an Executive Order to prohibit Internet and phone services from being shut off until 30 days after our current public health emergency has ended. This is no time for anyone to have their connection to the world severed.

Also, another Friendly reminder, this was posted earlier, most of us by now are making sure certain envelopes are postmark by tonight for tax time but due to an extension set in place by the Governor, Taxes are now due on the 15th of July 2020.

At the local level, some complaints have been received and investigated by police in regards to overcrowding of grocery stores and the patrons not following social distancing. Those reported were unfounded at the time. These type complaints once received are investigated immediately.

There is also reports of some businesses that are not listed as “Essential”, and they are conducting “business as usual” Its strongly suggested for those doing this act, to cease immediately. And it's not going to be if you are located, it's when you are located, any violations of the Executive order will be enforced.

Lastly we had encouraged it prior and now its mandatory that face masks be worn while in stores. Please, when you are done shopping, the ground is not where these items belong, please discard gloves and masks in the proper trash containers.

We are in this fight together and we can only hope that things level out soon for all of us. Please stay safe, stay informed and please, Stay Home!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 14th 2020  7:50AM

Good Morning Everyone, some Good news during the night. Governor Murphy reported this morning that for the 24-hour period ending 10:00 PM last night, 556 New Jersey Residents were discharged.

He advised that we celebrate this with them and their families – their successful battles against this virus give us continual hope for our larger war against this enemy.

He reminded all, as we all very much already know, We are not there yet! Yes there will be a plan put in place in the future to bring things back to what we are use to, but for right now, we have to stay strong & fight this fight together as one community.

Todays a day to take a second & step outside while you are "staying at home" and take in some fresh air and sunshine. Remember, With Superstorm Sandy we all stuck together and were "Jersey Strong"

With this, for now we must believe in the fight and act as one community, help each other, stay home and be "West Long Branch Strong" We got this together!!!

Have a great day!!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


UPDATE CORONAVIRUS.        04/13/2020.  3:00PM


Governor Murphy reported the following during his 3PM briefing today. The Governor reported an additional 3,219 cases making our States total now at 64,584. Sadly, he again had to report that there were an additional 94 souls who lost their lives to this virus bringing our States total to 2,443.


He then referenced a conference call that he had been on with Governors from NY and Connecticut and that they are starting a Regional Advisory board to get things back on track when necessary. He clearly stated that New Jersey is not there yet. Social distancing is still utmost important. We have not hit that plateau, he advised that we are working to put the fire out in the house, but clearly not there yet.  


He then mentioned how he will be signing an Executive order prohibiting Internet and Cell phone services from being shut off until 30 days after our current public health emergency has ended. This includes service downgrades, service reductions or late fees due to nonpayment. Also, reconnection to any services that were disconnected due to nonpayment after March 16th. 2020


On the local level, Social distancing seems to be working within our community. “THANK YOU ALL” Please, stay focused at it for now. Our schools have been actively working with students, our local food establishments have been functioning with take out meals & both of our grocery stores have been complying with the set mandates that have been put in place. We will and can win this fight together. We need to stay strong, stay safe and yes for now…..STAY HOME!!!


Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


STORM UPDATE. MONDAY April 13th 2020. 7:20AM

Todays storm is anticipated to hold two serious hits, one in morning and the other in the mid afternoon. Dangerously High winds with both, with very heavy rain.

Lights out? Please call JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877

STORM FORECAST SUNDAY 6:40PM. April 12, 2020

West Long Branch residents: With Easter Sunday being warm & sunny, things are about to change for us going into Monday with an anticipated powerful spring storm on track for our area, bringing very heavy rains & damaging type winds.

It's expected that we are going to see periods of rain which will be heavy at times and some thunderstorms are also possible. Sustained winds will be holding at 25-35mph with heavier gusts of 55-60mph possible. Winds along the coast will be the more fierce.

With the winds expected, of course we would expect downed tree branches which could lead to downed power lines. Residents should never approach a downed wire and always assume it's live. If roadways become flooded, please turn around and use another route, water at times can be deeper than it appears.

When your power goes out, residents are urged to contact JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 and follow the prompts. It's important for each resident that has lost power to call and this will enable JCP&L to log what grids are affected.

This storm is anticipated to pass out of our area by Monday evening and Tuesdays forecast is said to be sunny and in the 50's

Steven Cioffi West Long Branch Emergency Management



Sunday April 12th 2020. 9:45AM

Good Morning, regardless of your religion, what this Holy week of Passover & Easter should give us all is the true belief that if we all try together to accomplish something, it can and will be done.
We have all experienced something and still are experiencing in this pandemic. Regardless of the age, our lives have drastically changed and we all had to modify the way we live everyday. Schools shut down and kids are learning from home, businessness were closed, we all were told how and when to food shop & what we all now realized our day to day lives was no longer.
I'm going to change things up for everyone on this beautiful day by saying "We got this together as one community" and we can fight this fight together.
My best friend recently told me something I want to share. "In the midst of Chaos, there is Opportunity" We have all experienced something we will talk about for years but if we are able to take something away from this we can all learn together. So for today, Happy Easter & Happy Passover to everyone and have a beautiful day.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 10 th 2020   7:50am

Good morning:

Here are a few important warnings regarding the weather through early next week.

-A Wind Advisory remains in effect today for our entire area as another round of strong and potentially damaging winds is expected, with wind gusts reaching 40-50 mph. 

However, the Winds are anticipated to diminish later today into tonight. While breezy conditions are expected through Saturday into Sunday, wind gust speeds will only reach 20-30 mph.

But then Another round of strong and potentially damaging winds is possible again Sunday night into Monday.  Wind gusts of at least 40-50 mph are expected, with the highest wind gusts for eastern and southern New Jersey, and central and southern Delaware and Maryland.  The Model guidance is indicating that this could be a significant, high-impact event for our immediate area. 

With anticipation of steady winds and wind gusts comes the possibility of tree damage followed by power outages

If your power does go out, please contact JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 and follow the prompts. Only call 911 for emergencies. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 9th 2020.  9:30PM

As some residents started their holiday last night and others will do the same this weekend, I want to send a message out to all of those people who still "Just don't get it"

Governor Murphy again reported today on the positive numbers throughout our State, those in our hospitals fighting and sadly he reported the total numbers who had lost their lives.

With any holiday, people always expect to visit family and friends, but this holiday is very different. I am asking all of you to please heed the warnings and social distancing means just that! Stay home. With the technology that we have today, face time, twitter, snap chat and zoom, these make it possible to communicate with loved ones and even get to see them at times face to face. We need to win this fight as a community and all of us need to do it together as one.

I will leave you with this: When I leave my house, only because I have too, my wife, kisses me goodbye and says please be careful, and make sure you wear your mask and gloves. I also have many friends and family on the front lines that are truly fighting this fight near and far. Many different things have been said recently but I have taken a few things that my friends have recently said in their posts and I'm truly hoping, those of you out there, who feel this virus is not real, you will now believe it is!!

Some Sayings from those on the front lines:
* As they are passing each other in halls changing shifts, you hear them say: Thank you, do you need anything, love you and be safe!
* For those who don't get it... I'm telling you this is real and you need to stay away from other people! This virus does not discriminate, young and old are in our hospitals.
* And lastly, Please stay home, you don't want to see what our nurses are seeing!

Everyone try and have a good holiday. Please be safe, stay informed and Please Stay Home!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Update April 9th 2020. 1:45pm 

Governor Murphy reported at his 1:00PM briefing an additional 3,748 Positives making our statewide numbers for NJ at 51,027. Governor sadly reported that from yesterday’s briefing, we have lost another 198 souls. Making our state total at 1,700. He emphasized that these loses are just not numbers, they are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends and those who we never have met. Social distancing is working in some counties, the governor urged all residents especially now during this Holiday week, to continue doing what we are doing with social distancing to lessen this curve.
Residents of West Long Branch, we still even though some experts say there seems to be a somewhat a light at the end of the tunnel, have a long way to go with this virus. We have to continue to maintain Social Distancing. The modifications of the way we purchase our groceries, and other essential items is very much needed and I thank everyone for doing their part. We have all experienced a major life changer here and we have all had to make some exceptions and changes. As I mentioned before, I would love to turn the switch off on this, and make it go away, but can’t.
What we can do is fight this fight together as one, stay strong as a community should and help where we can help by making and accepting changes for now, regardless of how big or small.
Thanks in advance
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Morning update April 9 2020 11:55am 

Highlight of recent orders: 

Increase weight limits for trucks carrying relief supplies:
Governor Murphy in the past few days has done the following. The Governor stated that he  was signing an Executive Order increasing the weight limits on our interstate highways and toll roads, from 40 tons to 46 tons, for trucks carrying #COVID19 relief supplies.
Moving 2020 Primary Election Date:
Governor Murphy advised that he was signing an Executive Order moving the date of our 2020 Primary elections from Tuesday, June 2nd to Tuesday, July 7th. Governor advised that Our democracy cannot be a casualty of #COVID19. And he wants to ensure that every voter can vote without endangering their health or safety.
We want to preserve the possibility that improvements in the public health situation will allow for in-person voting.
Wearing masks & modified capacity limits for grocery stores:
Governor has recently put in place that all employees and customers now are required to wear masks and gloves while working and shopping. Reminder that masks does not exclude people from following social distancing.
In one of my several meetings with the management teams of our essential stores, they are complying fully with this new executive order referring to masks and capacity of stores, as they have been with all other prior orders. All employees have instructed in the new procedure, cleaning requirements and promoting social distancing. A friendly reminder to all customers from each management team, there is not really a good time to go grocery shopping. Grocery deliveries come in on regular basis however, 6am doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best stocked store. As soon as deliveries come in, they are processed onto floor for customers.
Residents have inquired recently so I hope this question & answer assists those that have inquired:
• If I don’t have a mask, what do I do?  
Answer: At this point, all masks are still desperately needed for our healthcare professionals along with our first responders. They are on the front lines of this and need as much help as possible.
However, as it has been shown and explained several times in the past few days, a cloth covering from a scarf, bandanna or shirt material is suggested as long as it doesn’t cause breathing issues. At the same time maintain social distancing between each other.
Stay safe and please stay home if its not necessary for you to go out!
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 9 2020   10:15am 

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly NJ anticipates a line of strong to severe thunderstorms to come through our area by mid-morning into the afternoon hours. These storms could also produce a cold front and also capable of producing damaging winds.
Aside from the cold front these wind gusts could reach 45-50mph with locally higher gusts possible. Localized tree damage and power outages could be possible.  
In the event you lose power, please remember to contact JCP&L at 1-888-544-4877 and follow the prompts. This will assist them on responding to your needs and letting us know what grids are affected.
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Governors new Executive Order for Non Essential Construction sites & Grocery

April 8th 2020 2:15PM 


All non-essential construction across New Jersey will CEASE, indefinitely, effective 8:00 PM Friday.

Exceptions include projects at our hospitals and schools, in our transportation and public utility sector, the building of affordable housing, other individual housing sites that can adhere to strict limits on the number of workers on-site, and other limited instances.

We’re also aiming to mitigate overcrowding at essential retail stores – particularly in our grocery stores.

Under this Executive Order, all essential retail  must indefinitely limit the number of customers allowed in their stores to NO MORE than 50% of their approved capacity.

Additionally, customers & employees must wear face coverings. Stores must also provide special shopping hours for high-risk individuals, erect physical barriers between customers and cashiers and baggers where practicable, regularly sanitize areas used by their employees, & more.

This Executive Order will also put greater protections in place for workers at our warehouses, and in manufacturing. No one should be working where social distancing isn’t being practiced to its fullest extent.


Residents of West Long Branch & visitors to our town should be aware of this order and make all attempts to follow it.  Myself and the Chief of Police have visited with our Shop Rite store management team along with Aldi’s a few times and both these stores are fully doing their part to ensure safety of their customers and employees. Further information will be posted regards to additional information from both our essential stores. 



Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management 




April 7th 2020.   9:40pm   Evening Update 

Tonight, I sit down and think about those people that have fought this virus and won, those that are still currently fighting, those who don’t have symptoms yet and lastly to those who have lost their fight and have sadly died.

From the beginning of this virus, we have all made decisions and sacrifices that have totally changed our “Almost Normal life styles” which Right now, we don’t have any of that. We are also going to bed at night and praying in our own way, hoping that the next day, things will be better and yes that someone figures out how to turn the switch off on this entire pandemic virus.

But in the end, we as a community must continue to fight this fight and fight it together. We can all agree to disagree but, in the end, we will get through this and bring our town, county and state back where it belongs. We have to do this as one. Stay safe and Please stay home!

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Attention West Long Branch Residents: As of today and until further notice, we were forced to close all Borough Parks within the Borough of West Long Branch which does include all walking paths.
This very hard decision was made after NJ Governor Murphy ordered the closures of all State and County Parks. I personally & truly understand what this type of impact from these type closures will cause, but please under the circumstances that we are currently in and the importance of social distancing. This decision of these closures of parks had to be done.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 7 th 2020   11:45am 

This is copied from the Monmouth County Regional Health website. Wanted to pass down to our residents direct. Thoughts for upcoming holidays  

Holidays and COVID-19:

Why NOT To Gather

 Aggressive social distancing efforts in New Jersey were implemented through Governor Murphy's Executive Orders No. 104 and No. 107. The orders prohibit gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events not otherwise authorized.
And now that we’ve been home away from others for a long time it's tempting to get together during a special time like a birthday, Easter, Passover, Vaisahki or Ramadan. But seeing others can endanger you and your loved ones and potentially involve law enforcement. Are YOU willing to take that gamble?

 Why practice social distancing and self-quarantine?
Both social distancing and self-quarantine prevent the spread of illness. Staying home or more than 6 feet away from others limits the ability for droplets to travel from person-to-person from sneezing, coughing, or even talking. Additionally, staying home reduces risk of exposure to surfaces that may have droplets from an infected person. There is currently no vaccine or specific medication to treat COVID-19, so the only way reduce the number of cases and flatten the curve is social distancing and self-quarantining.

  Spreading the virus without knowing it:
The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person, typically between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). People are thought to be most contagious when they are
symptomatic (fever, coughing, shortness of breathe). The CDC reports that COVID-19 can also be spread up to three days before people show symptoms, which makes holiday gatherings more dangerous.
  Visiting older family members or friends
If you must visit those who are over the age of 60, be sure that you protect them and yourself by following social distancing guidelines, such as: washing hands before and after your visit; using hand sanitizer; maintaining at least six feet of distance when possible; avoid touching your face; and coughing or sneezing into your elbow or a tissue and then washing your hands. If you have early signs of a cold, please stay home and away from your older loved ones.
 Avoid risking getting family members ill
There are heartbreaking accounts of entire families falling ill because one person was sick at a family gathering. The very nature of family or friend gatherings are to be in close proximity to the people you love for long periods of time. If one person is sick it can easily spread to extended family members and friends as they convene around a feast. During this chaotic time it is ok to break social norms and stop gatherings, your family and friends may be relieved and appreciate the efforts you are making.
 Overwhelming the health care system
By now you have heard of “flattening the curve.” The idea is to spread out over a long period of time the number of positive cases rather than have them all become sick during a short period of time. The faster the infection curve rises, the quicker the local health care system gets overloaded beyond its capacity to treat people. There is also the risk of getting our frontline healthcare providers ill and that leaves our health care system more vulnerable.
   Do your part to reduce the spread
If everyone does their part and takes responsibility to stay home seriously, the New Jersey could see numbers of cases going down. But without your efforts to stay home and avoid others, a big spike in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths will happen.
 This year, everyone should be celebrating the holiday with as few people as possible.
Ideally, only the people you live with!
Social distancing orders are in place to prevent you and your loved ones from contracting COVID-19, but that doesn't mean you should celebrate alone.
 Use social media or video conferencing
There are many platforms (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, Google Hangouts) that will connect you to others. Identify which one you like best and practice before the holiday.
Select a time during the holiday to connect (ie., for a game, breaking bread, dessert time.)
  Attend services from home
Congregations are closed but many are providing streaming services online. Check with your house of worship leaders to see what platform they are using.
Do something special for either your immediate family, housemate or for those you connect with on video conference (i.e., virtual egg dying, creating paper plate bonnets, sending a card in the mail, or read tradition stories together.
  Prepare for the holiday
Call those you want to share the holiday with and coordinate menus, supper time, time for online chat, game time, and other activities. Order food online early to avoid late deliveries or items being unavailable.
Preparing before the day of will help to avoid any last minute hiccups that could take away from the special day.
  Dress up and decorate
Its a special occasion, so celebrate it! Make the holiday as normal as you can by decorating and dressing up.
On special days something as simple as getting dressed up in your holiday outfit can set the tone for the day.
  Be mindful of health
In some religions, older populations play a critical role during religious events. So, be mindful of how this population is at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Be creative in ensuring their health and keeping traditions part of your special day.
    Prevent the Uninvited Guest: COVID-19
Easter, Passover and Ramadan holidays will be a little different this year. Families and friends are asked to avoid coming together at a dinner-table and houses of worship. Instead people need to think of creative ways to celebrate while apart.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


Update 4-7-2020 10:20am

Good Morning, this is Steven Cioffi, Coordinator of Emergency Management for the Borough of West Long Branch. In the past several weeks, we all have seen our lives change drastically. From our schools, places of worship & businesses, both big and small closing, and to the modifications & restrictions in purchasing our needed food items and then finally having to cope with the changes of our somewhat “routine lives”, this was a drastic change for all ages. 

All of these changes due to a virus that health officials are still attempting to get a cure for & at the same time guide us in what we should & shouldn’t do. Thanks to Federal & State funding, we have increased our State and local testing centers whichenable those “who fit the criteria” and “have symptoms” to have the tests completed. With that, these results are learned, new numbers are obtained & treatments are started. 

Officials now say that in the next few weeks, that the completed test results will become more readily available each day and our total numbers within our State will be at its peak. However, these alarming numbers will give authorities the chance to see important statistics that they have not had, to assist them further in handling what now turned into a pandemic virus.

My request as your Emergency management coordinator is simple. It echoes our Federal, State and County official’s recommendations, and that is Social Distancing. I cannot express the importance of this to our residents. We as a community are able to fight this together but I am in need of your help to do this. Our Health care facilities are overwhelmed and all of our nurses, doctors and hospital staff are in overdrive. As our Governor has expressed several times, we need to lessen the curve and for us to be able to achieve that, “We need to stay at home!”

I wish we could turn this pandemic virus off like a light switch, but without everyone pitching in and doing their part, we will not be able to do so. Social Distancing is the key right now and if people continue with not changing, restrictions will have to be increased. Ok, there it is, it’s all up to all of you to do your part and make this happen. 

We will get through this together as one community, stay safe, stay informed & Please Stay Home!


Thank you! 

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management


Update 4-6-2020. 3:00pm 

As of 1:00pm Vice President Pence had a video call with Governor Murphy and his staff regarding NJ securing FEMA support for our partnered drive through testing sites through the end of May.
At 2:30 PM today Governor Murphy reported the following in regards to the current situation with the coronavirus. Governor reported that we had an additional 3,663 positives bringing statewide total to 41,090. Sadly he reported that we experienced another 86 deaths due to COVID-19 related complications bringing our statewide total at 1,003.
At a local level, grocery stores are still operating on modified schedules. People, social distancing is just that, please make all attempts to comply before restrictions get tighter. If you do not have the need to go out, please stay home. In the event you do visit the grocery stores, pharmacy’s or food establishments for food pick up, there are garbage pails for your discarded gloves and masks vs the common ground!!!
We can get through this together if everyone does their own part. Stay safe and stay informed
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

April 5th 2020 1:05PM    
With today starting an Easter holiday for some, I wanted to keep residents posted on the current numbers we have across the state. For those who have family or work in Middlesex and Ocean Counties I have included those numbers as well.

Governor Murphy released the numbers regarding the Coronavirus at 1:00PM today. Currently we have 3,482 new positive cases in NJ bringing our total to 37,505. He reported that in Monmouth County we have 2,354 total positive cases, Ocean has 2,177 and Middlesex has 2,950. Sadly he again reported those who we tragically lost to this virus and we rose another 71 people bringing the States total to 917. In Monmouth County he stated we lost a total of 58 people, Middlesex 80 & Ocean County 62.
As of this writing we do have 44,661 negatives.
I urge people throughout our town, county and State to keep “flattening the curve”  on this virus and STAY HOME!
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

April 5, 2020  11:45am 

Attention West Long Branch Residents & Businesses: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has severely affected and impacted all of our businesses, large and small. In hopes to assist those in need, please refer to this website for further information. Visit and refer to COVID-19 BUSINESS HUB


April 4th 2020 8:45 PM

To possible throw a positive side to this weekend. In NJ at 1PM today we had 41,232 negatives. Please help lessen the curve folks and stay home! 



April 4, 2020 8:10PM. Religious Gatherings 

Attention Borough residents: With the Easter Holiday & Passover week approaching, just a friendly reminder to residents that no services are to be held/conducted at a Church or Synagogue or holding a religious type service held in a stationary parking lot or drive through type. These are all considered gatherings and prohibited by Executive Order #107. Remember that the overall purpose of these Executive orders to keep people at home and safe. Some congregations have already started with live streamed or televised services.

The more everyone cooperates and follows social distancing recommendations, the sooner we can all return to our regular daily activities.

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management



April 4th 2020 1:00pm

At 1pm today, Governor Murphy reported the following numbers. There was an additional 4, 331 positives making our total for the State at 34,124. Sadly, the Governor also reported that an additional 200 residents making a total of 846 souls that have lost their lives to this pandemic virus.  
Governor also reported that staying apart is utmost important right now and he understands with the holidays approaching, it’s going to be very hard for all of us. But he stated that it’s not what we need to do, it’s what we MUST DO!
Social distancing is just that. If you don’t have to go out, please stay home!

Steven Cioffi
WLB Emergency Management

Saturdsy April 4 2020  12:00pm 

As Holy Week and Passover readily approach, we understand  that under normal circumstances many families and friends would be gathering to celebrate these special important days. 
However, Coronavirus ( COVID-19) changes the game plan and how we will all be celebrating this year. 

As hard as it’s going to be, I urge everyone to abide by the restrictions on social gatherings of any size as per Governor Murphy's Executive Order #107. 
This order prohibits the gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations or other events not otherwise noted in the Executive Order. 

I further understand that these restrictions may be upsetting, especially during this holiday,  but it is very much needed to slow the curve of this pandemic virus. 

Please make all attempts to follow these very much needed rules. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


At 1:00PM today, Governor Murphy ordered all flags in the State to be flown at half-mast until further notice for those tragically lost in this pandemic


Coronavirus Update April 3,2020   1:05PM
Governor Murphy reported the following: In the past 24 hours we have added an additional 4,372 Positives making our total in our State to 29,895. Sadly, the Governor reported an additional 113 Deaths making our total 646 souls.
Governor pressed the point again, Social Distancing is utmost importance at this point. He advised that the distance of 6ft is important along with washing hands 20 seconds or more.
Governor also advised that all flags are to be lowered to half-mast for those we have tragically lost
More information to follow
Steven Cioffi
WLB Emergency Management

Attention Borough Residents:
In attempting to keep our parks open with minor restrictions/modifications. The Picnic Tables in all Borough parks have been properly removed by our Department of Public works until further notice. It is still strongly suggested that Social Distancing while in the parks is still maintained by visitors.

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management


April 3 2020 10:00am 

To look at this Virus differently 
33,520 Negatives



April 2 2020. 9:30am 

If you're ill with minor symptoms STAY AT HOME. If symptoms worsen contact your healthcare provider to determine IF testing is needed hhtp://


Attention Borough residents: Governor Murphy just released information regarding a new date for tax filing:
The New Jersey state tax filing deadline WILL BE EXTENDED from April 15th to July 15th 2020
Additionally, the state fiscal year will be extended to September 30th to allow us to focus on leading our state out of this crisis. 

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Friendly Reminder to all borough residents. To keep social distancing at it's best. Please fill this out today or within the next few days on line, in hopes to prevent census workers from coming out to your homes later to complete. 
Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management





Coronavirus Update 3/31/2020 9:20 PM

Good evening, this afternoon our Governor reported the following numbers regarding the coronavirus. As of today, we now have added an additional 2,196 cases bringing our State total to 18,696 positives. Sadly, the Governor again reported that in the past 24 hours we had an additional 69 deaths related to this virus bringing our State total this evening to 267 souls lost. As our days continue, our numbers are anticipated to climb and the death rate will unfortunately increase as well.In the Borough we still are holding at 16 positives at this time. Seeing or hearing these numbers today. The Governor advised all residents that Social Distancing is very important and if we even want to begin to lessen the curve, all of us that don’t need to be out are to stay home.

The two Federally and State assisted testing centers, the one in Holmdel at PNC and the other at Bergen County College are testing on opposite days from one another. Residents are reminded that they have to be showing/having symptoms and its strongly suggested that prior to even being tested, those residents who feel the need should conduct or complete the self-assessment test on
www.Covid19 .NJ.Gov

At our Local level, our Borough police and emergency services are taking the needed precautions necessary to continue to provide full service to all residents with little or no disruption. Some modifications have been put in place but overall, service as usual.

People have inquired in regards to walking at Lakes, local trails and on streets. Outside exercise is welcomed. People that are experiencing “Cabin Fever” need to get out and get some relief. However, it’s been noticed that children are being let to go out and in doing so they are in groups with their friends with little or no distancing. Need some help with this “Parents”

Grocery stores are being utilized, however, patrons and degarding their gloves and masks on the ground of the parking area. This method of getting rid of these items must stop.

Our lives have changed in a short period of time and will continue to change even more each day, one thing we should all remember. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it’s learning how to dance in the rain. We will continue to fight the fight together as one, but we all have to be on the same page…..


Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management





Monday 03/31/2020 8:30 AM.  A Special Thanks 

This morning, I am reaching out to all the workers of the Grocery stores in our immediate area. It doesn't matter, Shop Rites, Foodtowns, Stop & Shops or Wegmans. Whether your'e at the loading docks, driving the trucks, stocking the shelves within the stores or dealing directly with the customers by working as cashiers, On line grocery pick ups, courtesy booth or loading the cars for customers, All of you are vital workers and are truly appreciated. Just know that all of you are the true meaning of essential and "We thank you!"

Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management



Updated Procedure & Numbers of residents affected. 3/30/2020   9:00PM

Good evening, In an attempt to keep our residents updated and informed and with the proper information, The following numbers is what we have in our Borough in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I hope this assists residents in understanding this reporting system and how it works

The Monmouth County Regional Health Commission No. 1 (MCRHC) continues to report the number of positive cases of COVID-19. There are 16 (sixteen) reported cases of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, within our Borough. The OEM or Borough has no further information to share due to privacy rights of our Borough residents. Our residents who have been reported to have tested positive are either self-isolated, self-quarantined or if needed hospitalized. The Monmouth County Regional Health Communicable Disease Team and its staff continues to conduct intensive monitoring and ongoing public health investigation of every positive case. 

This investigation procedure includes tracing of actions taken by the infected for days prior to first signs of symptoms. The investigators determine the close contacts and start to interview and inform close contacts of exposure. Residents who wish to learn more are urged to Visit for additional information on COVID-19.


Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management 





Coronavirus Update 3/30/2020 2:30PM.

Good afternoon, the Governor reported today at his 2PM briefing the following numbers for our State in regards to the virus. In the past 24 hours, our total numbers have increased 3,347 making the States total 16,636 Sadly we have lost additional 37 souls, bringing the total related deaths to 198.

Governor then all urged residents that Social Distancing is utmost important right now and in hopes to flatten the curve and take very needed pressure off our Health Care systems, residents are urged to STAY AT HOME! Unless you need to be out.

There is a plea out from the Governor to any retired New Jersey Nurses, Doctors, nursing/medical students, EMTs or Former members of Armed Services Medical Corps. Those interested can go to this web site COVID19.NJ.Gov/Volunteer to sign up or learn further information.

Residents also may anonymously report and instances of unlawful hoarding of medical supplies and also price gouging to (866)720-5721 or web site [email protected].

CDC travel advisory does NOT impact what NJ already put in place. Governor explained that it is pretty simple: STAY-At-Home order remains in effect

At our local level, most food pick up places are operational but have modified hours. Medical supply/pharmacy’s operational but also modified hours Grocery stores open, modified hours and limit restrictions may be in place. Please, if you don’t have to go out, please do not. Sending your children out to play, which sometimes leads to large groups of them together, because that’s what kids do…………..NOT SUGGESTED

We will continue to flatten the curve and reduce exposure if all of us, yes all, work together as one to fight this fight. Stay safe, stay informed & PLEASE STAY HOME!!!

Steven Cioffi

West Long Branch Emergency Management



Coronavirus Stats as of this Afternoon 3/27/2020 


The Governor reported today that we have 1,982 additional positives of COVID19 bringing our State total to 8,825 positives with 16,547 negatives. Keeping in mind, our county (Monmouth) has 634 positives and sadly the death rate climbed to 108.

People are working from home and practicing social distancing. People are adjusting and making changes in their lives around the current situation. Some businesses were forced to close. However, today, with it being a break in the weather, I received several complaints regarding Landscapers. This type of business was not excluded at this time from working.
So with that in mind, I want to send this message out to all Landscape owners/companies & their workers throughout, and after reading this you will know who you are. Social Distancing is just that, not 2-4 workers in the one truck going job to job. Please, for their safety and in following the suggested compliance, please make adjustments to your operations. All of you were allowed to continue to work, but using common sense would make things work a great deal better. Thanks

Steven Cioffi
Emergency Management







March 27th 11:50am. 

With the amount of our residents running out each day to get food and other necessities that are needed in their homes.......

The following is copied from the NJ Department of Health website for residents and those running out to obtain needed groceries. 

Social Distancing Guidance for Essential Retail Businesses:

Social distancing involves taking measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the op- portunities for exposure. The general recommendation is to avoid crowds and close contact by keeping six feet between yourself and others. When social distancing is properly imple- mented, it can be an important strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Stores
Executive Order No. 107 designated grocery stores and other stores that sell food goods as essential. The supply chain for these stores has not been disrupted and these stores are permitted to operate during their normal operating hours.
These stores should continue to follow social distancing and hygiene best practices. To that end, retailers should:
• Consider reserving certain hours for senior citizens and other high-risk populations.
• Not permit staff who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (such as fever or a cough)
to come to work.
• Train employees on ideal hygiene practices, including proper handwashing.
• Increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing per the Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
vention (CDC) Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection guidance of all hard surfaces, in- cluding tables and counter tops that are being utilized by employees and patrons, as well as restrooms.
• Consider installing sanitizing stations for customers and staff throughout the store.
• Assist customers in keeping at least 6 feet of space between individuals or family groups
while shopping and waiting in line.
• Eliminate foods put on display and sample foods and reduce self-service food stations.
• Consider posting signage to encourage customers to remain 6 feet apart and to promote proper hygiene.
The majority of these guidelines apply to other essential retail businesses. These entities are reminded to encourage social distancing practices for staff and customers, frequently sani- tize high-touch areas and encourage staff and customers to follow hygiene best practices.

Patrons entering essential retail businesses should abide by the following guidelines:

• If an individual must leave home to access essential goods, they are encouraged to go at non-peak times, to keep distance from other customers in the store, keep visits as brief as possible, and to go alone if possible.
• When shopping and standing in line, customers should keep six feet between themselves and other patrons/staff.
• Individuals should not enter a retail facility if they have symptoms consistent with COVID- 19 (such as fever or a cough), have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are undergoing a quarantine for potential exposure to COVID-19.

Please visit the New Jersey Department of health website for up to date and a great deal of important information visit at:

Thanks in advance
Steven Cioffi

  1. WLB Emergency Management 


March 25,2020 3:45pm

Attention Residents:
With the current situation suggesting all non- essential people work from home, or they should be working from home, one of the many questions ask is what can we do with our pets during the day? So in looking, We have located one place, and if others are learned I will post, but the Green Leaf Pet Resort in Ocean Township & Millstone offers the following, I’m hoping this information is beneficial.

As the Official certified Monmouth County Emergency Pet Care Facility and a member of the County Animal Response team (CART) Green Leaf Pet Resort (locations in Oakhurst and in Millstone), is offering discounted services to support our community for all dog care needs.
•        Boarding
•        Daycare
•        Grooming
•        Free Transportation within a 10-mile radius
As always, our staff is on site fulfilling our 24/7 Promise to provide excellent care to each of our guests. Please contact us regarding our Curb-side service that is in effect to minimize contact. Call for more information. 732-272-0800.

Green Leaf Pet Resort 
Steven Cioffi
West Long Branch Emergency Management

March 25,2020 1:00pm 

Good morning residents: Here are a few quick clarifications in regards to the last Executive order shut down by the governors office Regarding essential businesses.These are not
All the questions that everyone has but this is what I know right now.

Hotels and motels are not retail establishments and are not closed by the executive order also they will be considered residences for some people

Landscapers appear to be a service not closed by the executive order however, social distancing is strongly recommended. One suggestion, by the NJ Landscape Contractors Association and not a requirement is have workers Follow the work truck in their own vehicles to ensure social distancing,do not eat lunch together and remain minimum 6 feet away and wash hands well and often. 

Funerals and weddings do not have to be canceled but they would have to abide by the 10 person gathering limit. A wedding with officiant, the couple and up to seven witnesses would be permitted.

Mobile dog grooming is not considered a retail business but they must follow social distancing

I have all intentions of later in the day coming up with the proper websites including one that residents are actually able to type in questions and possibly get the correct answers.

Construction sites are allowed with workers following the proper social distancing. 

I will leave you with, that social distancing is exactly what it sounds likeIf your business is not essential stay home! If you need to go out to one of the essential stores please Make all attempts to distance yourself from others and wash your hands on a regular basis.

We will get through this guys and we will get through it together. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay home!

Steven Cioffi
West Long branch emergency management




March 23, 2020

This evening, a second Code Red message will be put out to our residents. For those that have not registered to receive Code Red messages to your phone number, below are directions to assist you.

For those residents who do not wish to register or do not have the ability to register, a copy of the message will be posted on the Boroughs Emergency Management Page which you can access on the borough’s website along with the Borough’s Emergency Management Facebook page (West Long Branch Emergency Management).

  • Go to the Borough’s web page at
  • Under to “Citizen Action Center” click on the box, “CODE RED SIGN-UP”
  • You will be brought to a Code Res Page
  • Choose your own Username
  • Choose your own Password
  • Re-Type your own Password
  • Hit Continue
  • Fill in First/Last Name
  • Check off residential or business
  • Choose home/business in drop down box
  • Put street address of address you choose
  • Fill in City
  • Fill in State
  • Fill in Zip
  • Fill in Phone
  • If TDD Check off box
  • Check off text if you want to receive text messages of Code Red alerts
  • Check off Emergency & General Notifications
  • At Bottom Verify and you should be set.

Steven Cioffi

WLB Emergency Management